1 August 2018


Gigabit Internet: 5 Surprising Business Benefits

Fiber Connectivity by Tom Collins

Did you know that the average employee wastes approximately an entire work week of time each year on slow computer performance and slow Internet connectivity?

A study by Sandisk found that the most common and time-consuming delays were caused by waiting for necessary file uploads and downloads to complete. I may not be objective, but, I believe that failing to upgrade to Gigabit Internet connectivity (1000 Mbps) could be costing your organization time and money.

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25 July 2018


Fiber Internet Availability: How to Check Your Building for Fiber Internet Access

Fiber Connectivity by Tom Collins

Upgrading to fiber for business Internet service can offer benefits to your organization such as productivity gains, greater reliability, and superior speed. When compared to traditional copper or coax cable Internet access technology, fiber offers significant advantages in areas such as bandwidth, upload and download speeds, security and long-term costs of ownership. As many fiber providers expand their resources in major cities, fiber Internet availability is more expansive than ever before.

The costs of connecting your business to fiber can vary significantly, and an upgrade can be very expensive if your building is not already connected to fiber resources in your city. There can be a great deal of confusion around the question of the exact cost of upgrading to fiber, and the answer is that it depends. The most significant factor that impacts the cost of switching to fiber is whether your building is already lit with fiber, or are there fiber resources nearby.

If you’re wondering how much it will cost your business to upgrade to fiber Internet and whether your building is already lit with fiber, you’re in the right place. In the paragraphs ahead, you’ll learn why being in a fiber-lit building matters and how to tell your proximity to fiber resources.

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30 May 2018


The 5 Best Business Internet Providers in Bethesda, MD

Selecting the right vendor from the 20 registered internet service providers who offer business-class connectivity in Bethesda, Maryland is likely to play a significant part in your employee and customer experience.

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22 May 2018


The Best Business Telephone and Internet Packages Available Now

Chances are, you’re aware that you can save quite a bit of money on your business telephone communications by bundling service into a package with your internet connectivity.

Whether you’ve already decided to make the switch from traditional telephone service to IP-based phone service (VoIP) or you’re already using cloud-based phone services, evaluating vendors who offer both internet and voice on the same network could be the right move.

However, a lower price paid each month is only one benefit you can realize with bundling if you select the right option from the best business internet and telephone packages available now. With the right vendor, you can unlock the full range of long-term business advantages associated with Unified Communications as a Service or UCaaS - a technological baseline for next-generation communications.

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9 May 2018


Need a Point-to-Point Fiber-Optic Network? 5 Things to Consider

Fiber Connectivity by Tom Collins

So, your organization may need a point-to-point fiber-optic network, also known as P2P fiber.

A point-to-point fiber optic network provides a direct, dedicated connection from an access node to remote workstations, servers, or business locations. This creates a direct connection for data transmission, offering dedicated bandwidth.

Other business benefits of P2P fiber above traditional fiber network deployments can include:

  • Data security
  • Simpler troubleshooting
  • Superior network administration

Is P2P fiber right for you? Well, that depends. Keep the following factors in mind when evaluating your technology options, providers, and deploying the right business network for your needs.

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2 May 2018


Comparing Commercial Internet Plans in the Washington D.C. Metro Region

Fiber Connectivity by Tom Collins

Washington D.C. Metro area businesses have many options for commercial Internet plans.

A local Google search of the 2,500 registered Internet providers in the U.S reveals more than two dozen options in the DC Metro region, including global Internet Service Providers (ISPs), national ISPs, and regional ISPs. There are also options for fiber, enterprise-class Internet, business-class Internet, small business-Internet, high-speed Internet, and much more.

As you’ve certainly noticed, there’s almost no standardization in the industry when it comes to Internet plans. While one company offers the lowest prices, does their package come with enough bandwidth or a service level agreement? Is the rock-bottom pricing offer shrouded in hidden fees? Price doesn’t always equal value among commercial Internet service providers.

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25 April 2018


Who's the Best Enterprise Internet Provider? Reviewing the Top 5

Fiber Connectivity by Tom Collins

Why should you consider narrowing your business connectivity search to enterprise-class Internet providers? More importantly, is enterprise-grade Internet genuinely better than business-class solutions?

First of all, yes--enterprise is a distinct solution from business-class connectivity, and some organizations need the features of enterprise-grade connectivity offerings.

Enterprise solutions go above and beyond business-class Internet service by offering:

  • Interoperability with the enterprise IT infrastructure
  • Customization and flexibility
  • Scalability, including fast scaling
  • Superior protection against information security risks
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18 April 2018


The Best ISP For Small Business in the Baltimore-Washington Area

Fiber Connectivity by Tom Collins

There are more than 2,500 registered internet providers in the U.S. While the FCC says half the addresses in the U.S. have only one option for a fast internet provider, there are several commercial internet service providers (ISPs) with coverage in the Baltimore-Washington area alone.

But how do you know which ISP is the best choice for your small businesses?

While your organization may not have hundreds of employees, you need exceptional connectivity. Generally, small or mid-sized businesses (SMB) have lower bandwidth needs than an enterprise, but they still need an exceptional ISP experience at a cost within budget:

  • Reliable internet connectivity
  • Fast speeds
  • Excellent customer service
  • Enough bandwidth to work without interruptions
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11 April 2018


5 Secrets About Business-Class Internet Your ISP Never Told You

Fiber Connectivity by Tom Collins

Almost every industry has its share of insider secrets. Often, this information is common knowledge to those in-the-know, but virtually unheard of by outsiders. Business-class internet service providers (ISPs) are no exception to rarely-shared insider knowledge.

Chances are, you’ve noticed there’s a lot of options for “business-class” internet service which range from fiber to DSL. Shoppers have to compare enterprise-class service to “small business” packages. Regardless of how connectivity service is marketed and sold, not all solutions are created equal.

Armed with 23 years of experience in the telecommunications and business-class internet fields, we’re about to share a wealth of insider information.

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4 April 2018


Internet for Business: 8 Things to Consider Before Buying

Fiber Connectivity by Tom Collins

So, you’re ready to reap the rewards of fast internet for your business?

There are a lot of benefits in store for businesses who move to fiber-optic internet from traditional data connectivity delivered over copper cables. Internet delivered over fiber optics is the future of broadband for business, allowing users to unlock:

  1. Fewer data bottlenecks
  2. Minimal latency
  3. Superior reliability
  4. Lower total cost of ownership over the technology life cycle
  5. Fewer information security risks

For details on each of these benefits, check out The Top 5 Advantages of Using Fiber Internet for Business.

While fiber is fairly foolproof once you’ve got it installed, there can be challenges and unwanted surprises with any major technology-based change.

To help you unlock the smoothest and most positive changeover experience possible, we’ve curated a list of 8 questions you should ask any prospective internet for business provider.

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