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POTS in a Box

Transform copper phone lines with a modern broadband and cellular communications solution with this all-in-one POTS replacement service that is available nationwide.

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POTS in a Box is a business-critical solution

ILECs are retiring their copper networks, leaving businesses and government entities in a tough spot.

This stems from an FCC decision to let the legacy phone companies such as Verizon to retire their copper line infrastructure known as POTS lines. 

POTS in a Box represents a significant evolution in telecommunications, addressing the challenges posed by the obsolescence of copper networks.

Business & government is losing access to critical phone lines for fire alarms, security systems, fax, elevators, and more.

POTS services are decreasing in availability. 

POTS prices are increasing because of provider scarcity.

Few, if any, ILECS are providing maintenance. 

What is POTS in a Box?

Completely transform all traditional POTS services and
increase reliability while lowering costs.



Connect with broadband, and/or 4G LTE. Cellular can be primary connectivity if Wi-Fi or broadband are not available. Can support 2 – 16 lines.

NFPA 72 Code Compliant, approved for life safety and meets national, state and local building codes.



Broadband and cellular connectivity provide fail-over protection. Up to 24-hour battery backup keeps service up in the event of an outage.


Fully Managed

24/7/365 NOC with monitoring alerts. Remote firmware upgrades and break/fix emergency replacement.


Turnkey Solution

Atlantech Online provides the equipment, ports phone numbers or provides new numbers and can perform professional installation.

PIAB Chart

POTS in a Box keeps business-critical systems up and working.

Fax Lines

Fax Lines

Security Alarms

Security Alarms

Fire Alarms

Fire Alarms

expert 2 (2)


expert 2 (3)

POS Terminals

expert 2 (4)

Vending Machines

ATM Machines

ATM Machines

Other POTS lines in use

Other POTS lines in use

POTS in a Box Pricing

Reliable. Flexible. Cost-effective.

POTS in a Box starting at


per line + $400 minimum one-time setup fee.

  • Customized to your specific needs
  • Support for 2 - 16 lines per box
  • Connect with broadband or 4G LTE.
  • 24/7/365 NOC with monitoring alerts
  • ~24 hour battery backup
  • Atlantech Online handles number porting and/or assign new numbers
  • Remote firmware upgrades
  • White glove setup & deployment
  • Equipment provided by Atlantech Online

To create a customized plan to keep business-critical phone lines running, talk to one of our POTS in a Box specialists.

Consultation & Pricing Call

Maintain Access To Your Critical Phone Lines

Request a pricing call with our telecom specialists.

They'll assess your current situation and goals to determine if POTS in a Box is the right direction for you. You'll receive a no-obligation quote.