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Business Class Phone Service

Why are so many businesses switching to Atlantech Online’s nationwide voice services? Because voice service from Atlantech costs less and does more than traditional business phone service.

Atlantech’s stable, proven technology gives you a consistent, high-speed connection to ensure your communications are stable all day, every day.

Whether or not you have a phone system, we have a range of services to meet all the phone needs of your business:

  • If you have a phone system, we can connect to it and provide you with telephone service. We support key systems, analog systems, PRI and SIP. So no matter what you currently have, we have a solution for you.

  • If you’re in the market for a new phone system – or you’re ready to move to the cloud for flexibility and improved functionality, we provide a Hosted PBX service on our redundant platform.

  • Business Wireless Service: A mobile communications service that expands your business capabilities beyond the hard-wired connection. Mobile phones become extensions of your corporate unified communications network, giving you the flexibility and reliability with native mobile network performance, security, and monitoring - no additional apps required.
  • If you don’t need a phone system and simply need individual phone lines for local calling or fax, alarm system or elevator phone, we can deliver analog or even POTS lines to your location.

Atlantech's Nationwide Network

Atlantech delivers your phone calls and broadband Internet service on its managed, high-speed, high bandwidth fiber network, directly to your office. As a result, the sound quality is excellent.

We can deliver voice service to you via PRI, analog trunks, POTS lines or SIP trunks. Whether it is one site or multiple sites, we can deliver high quality dial tone to your business. And we offer competitive International Long Distance calling rates. Check here for our current ILD rates.


Atlantech’s affordable business voice packages are all backed by our unmatched dedication to customer support.

We believe that by providing the communications services you need at a price you can afford, we can be your first call for Internet and phone services, and the last call you’ll need to make.

And if you want help learning more about flexibility and affordability, we have dedicated account managers for your business; a single point of contact who can help you with choosing the right solution for your business.

“Atlantech’s concern and care for the customer is legendary. It is a hard to build a company culture of putting the customer first. They have put in the effortbecause they know it is worth it.” - Charles Atwell, CEO, Innovative Business Interiors



10 Questions to Ask
Before Buying Phone Service

Telephone service continues to be a critical factor to business success. Find out what components are required for a high-quality business phone service. 


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