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Business Phone Calling Using Microsoft Teams



Microsoft Teams Business Phone Integration

With tens of millions of users and growing, Microsoft Teams is transforming the way business works. Teams’ power comes from the fact that it is integrated with the other business software that you use every day so that many tasks from document sharing, keeping your calendar, making presentations, and messaging with co-workers can be handled in one place.

Wouldn't it make your life easier, if you could also make and receive telephone calls inside of Teams?  Now you can!

Atlantech Online integrates our Hosted PBX with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing by embedding the capabilities of your existing phone extensions directly into the Teams client turning it into a super softphone that works on computers, tablets and mobile devices. 

  • Connect to the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN)
  • Unlimited local and domestic long distance calling
  • Direct Routing… no need for special equipment such as an SBC
  • No hardware required… Microsoft Teams is simply an endpoint on the PBX
  • Setup or scale up users in minutes!
  • Work from home or remote locations with ease
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