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Microsoft Teams
Business Phone Integration

With tens of millions of users and growing, Microsoft Teams is transforming the way business works. Integrate your business software and your company's phone system, all in one location...

Microsoft Teams Calling

At Atlantech Online, we can integrate our Hosted PBX with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing. With this integration, we can turn the Microsoft Teams client into a super softphone that will work on your computer, tablet and mobile device. This integration embeds the capabilities of your existing phone extensions directly into the Microsoft Teams software. 

Microsoft Teams Calling means your business phone is natively integrated into the Microsoft Teams user experience.

Benefits of Teams Calling Include:

  • Scale up or setup users in a matter of minutes.
  • Work from home or other remote locations quickly and easily.
  • Enjoy unlimited local and domestic long-distance calling.
  • Connect Teams to the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN).
  • Utilize Direct Routing to avoid needing special equipment such as an SBC.



Connect Teams to the Atlantech PBX

We can integrate our phone service into Microsoft Teams using Microsoft Powershell into Azure, creating a global gateway link between our PBX and the Microsoft 365 Teams Platform. This integration ties the Microsoft Teams application to our phone system through Microsoft 365, creating Direct Routing for the user.

If you’re unsure you have the required technology in place, talk to us and we can help you figure out if you have everything you need.


Make Phone Calls on Microsoft Teams Desktop App

With the Microsoft Teams Calling integration, making phone calls from a desktop computer is simple. In Microsoft Teams select calls, click “Dial a Number,” and then select the person you want to call or just dial a number.





Make Phone Calls on Microsoft Teams Mobile App

This is similar to the desktop workflow. Tap call, and then enter the phone number you want to call. If you have enabled access to your phone contacts, you can just choose the contact you want to call from the dial pad.

To make a call, tap Call > Call and enter a phone number. If you've enabled the setting for access to your phone contacts, tap Calls > Contacts on mobile devices and choose the person you desire to call.

Use the dial pad on a mobile device to punch in numbers from your phone number and make emergency calls to your country-specific emergency number.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I have been a loyal customer of Atlantech Online, Inc. (“AOI”) for many years now. It is critical to my business that we have extremely reliable connectivity services and AOI delivers. And, if an issue does arise, AOI’s customer service is some of the best I have ever experienced.

Michael Cogan

Atlantech Online is an exceptional telco provider. Their service is reliable and their customer service is top-notch. Our previous carrier could not provide SIP trunking to us quickly or cost-effectively as Atlantech. Choosing Atlantech is a decision I do not regret. Atlantech Online has made my job as telecommunications manager a lot easier than in the past. There is no reason not to consider Atlantech Online as a CLEC.

Barbara O'Donnell

Knowing that your 24x7 engineering team is managing our router and firewall lets me focus on growing my business instead of managing technology.

Tony Crisalli


Getting the Microsoft Teams Calling integration is not difficult, but it does require some setup from your phone provider’s side. We can help you get integrated and set up through our hosted PBX service.

If you’re interested in integrating your business phone with Microsoft Teams, our support experts here to help guide you through every step of the process. Click here to get started today. 

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