Reliable, Fast & Scalable Fiber, Voice and Data Center Solutions for Business and Government

We Empower Your Telecommunications to Make You Successful

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  • Powered by a scalable network and a reliable and flexible Hosted PBX platform, we'll be the only telecom provider you'll ever need. Our network is built the right way—with redundancy and reliability as priorities, giving you more uptime and fewer headaches.

  • Service and support are provided by a talented, dedicated team that delivers the quick response times and customer dedication you deserve. You’ll always talk to a real, experienced human being who cares about your business.

  • Get more for less, with flexible options designed to meet the exact needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). When you get a customized service with everything you need (and not what you don't), you get better value.

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I have been a loyal customer of Atlantech Online, Inc. for many years now. It is critical to my business that we have extremely reliable connectivity services and AOI delivers. And, if an issue does arise, AOI’s customer service is some of the best I have ever experienced.
Michael Cogan
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Choosing Atlantech is a decision I do not regret. Atlantech Online has made my job as telecommunications manager a lot easier than in the past. There is no reason not to consider Atlantech Online as a CLEC.

Barbara O'Donnell
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Knowing that your 24x7 engineering team is managing our router and firewall lets me focus on growing my business instead of managing technology.

Tony Crisalli
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For over a decade, we have put our full faith and trust to ensure our internet and phones are working with virtually no downtime, and Atlantech consistently delivers.

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Neal Kursban

Who We Are

  • Focused On Main Street: We're committed to providing the services you need.
  • US-based team and support who are available 365 days a year and motivated and trained to help. Staff is empowered to meet your needs.
  • A telecom partner with flexible, first-class service.

Who We Are Not

  • Focused on Wall Street: We're interested in customer value, not shareholder value.
  • An agent or reseller that doesn't have its own network, doesn't understand your business needs and is only interested in commissions.
  • A company that sells advertising... and resells your data.

We deliver reliability, quality of service, and tailored solutions to business problems so that you can worry about growing your business rather than fixing problems with technology.

Our Customers Love Us Because...

We're about network uptime, crystal clear phone calling and an affordable and flexible hosted phone service... not about an uptick in stock price or being a large media conglomerate.

Instead of the hassles with understaffed and outsourced global support people where you never talk to the same person twice. Our customers speak to real people that care and will tirelessly work to fix any problems that come up.

We understand their needs, and we install and maintain the network and services that deliver reliability and Quality of Service above their expectations.

Atlantech Online is trusted by great companies such as...

family & nursing care