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Data Center Services With Fantastic Support

Our convenient data center and colocation services are served with fantastic support.

Moving your servers to an Atlantech data center means they are not down the hall any more - but they are still in the neighborhood and you can visit them any hour of any day you wish. And if you can’t make it over, we are staffed 24/7 and can augment the efforts of your IT staff without busting the budget. Why drive out to the country when all you need is right here in town?

“The data center is truly state-of-the-art. Redundant power, redundant cooling, and redundant fiber connectivity at an affordable price make it smart business to locate our equipment there. Trying to do it ourselves just doesn’t make economic sense.” - Stephen Durr, CEO, Goodstone, LLC

The Network

The Rockville and Silver Spring, MD data centers are supported by the Atlantech network. Each data center features high-end routing equipment and servers with both local and remote backup locations. The environment is under strict control, with a humidity level of 45% and over 140 tons of cooling capacity. Both data centers are connected directly to a multi-substation power grid, with online battery and diesel generator backups, with contracts to fuel providers to run indefinitely.

Our clients enjoy low latency peering relationships direct to their data center with high-speed, high-bandwidth fiber connections. 


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Before You Buy Data Center Services

The 10 things you should familiarize yourself with before buying data center services for your business. 

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