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Secure, Convenient Data Centers Built for Maximum Uptime

State-of-the-art data centers staffed and managed by professionals who act as extensions of your IT team.

Why you should consider Atlantech Online as your data center partner of choice.

Migrating to one of our local data centers means your business-critical data flows no matter where you move or expand.

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Low latency, High-Speed, High-Bandwidth Fiber Connections

Fast file and data transfers supported by built-in redundancies keep your teams productive.

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Physical Safeguards

From security protocols to redundant power grids and backup generators, you can rest easy knowing your servers are protected.

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Local Convenience

Data centers located in Silver Spring and Rockville, MD are close enough to visit. Schedule a tour >>

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Cost Savings Over Time

No need to purchase additional office space, build cooling and power infrastructure, or hire staff to manage an on-premise data center.

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Increased Legitimacy for Your Business

Partnering with a certified data center can be a competitive advantage in winning new business or partnering with other vendors.

New Customer Special!

Get $500 off your first invoice when you switch to Atlantech Online for colocation services.

“Redundant power, redundant cooling, and redundant fiber connectivity at an affordable market price makes it smart business to locate our equipment there. Trying to do it ourselves just doesn't make economic sense.”
Stephen Durr
Stephen Durr
CEO, Goodstone, LLC

Flexible Data Center Rack, Cabinet, and Cage Options

Enhanced physical security, including mantraps, biometric readers, and 24/7 access control.

Single Server Rack
  • Single or multi-rack solutions available
  • Primary and redundant power distribution circuits
  • Metered and fixed price power available
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Secure Server Cabinet
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Dedicated locking cabinets
  • Primary and redundant power circuits
  • Metered and fixed price power available
Secure Server Cage
  • Customizable cage space
  • Biometric access control
  • Structured cabling built into the delivery of your cage

Superior service & reliability means you never have to worry about staying connected to your data.

99.99% uptime service-level agreement (SLA)

Over 140 tons of cooling capacity

Online diesel generators and UPS systems

Diverse physical fiber paths

Multiple telecom carriers for redundant connections

There is no shortage of data center providers. 

But big names don't always equal a great customer experience.

What we hear from customers who switched to Atlantech Online from big-name data centers:

“I don't feel the personal connection."

"I know my colocation vendor works with big, well-known brands. I don't feel like a priority."

"I'm moving locations, but still wanted to be closer to the data center to make visiting easier."

"Costs for cross-connecting and power were much higher at my last data center."

What the market says in third party reviews about other leading data centers:

“The customer focus is missing.”

“Some things are confusing and we don't get admin access to manage.”

The support team needs to work closely and help us to resolve issues.”

“When you need to interconnect between 2 facilities, this becomes a nightmare.”

“Pricing might not be affordable for all organizations.”

Great product. Excellent customer service. Fast turnaround for requests.

“I have been using Atlantech Online’s colo and Internet connectivity services for three years now and have not experienced any issues. I would highly recommend their product offerings.”

Art Schertzer
IT Infrastructure Director @ Radio One

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer in-person tours of your data centers?

Yes, we can conduct tours of either our Rockville or Silver Spring data center. Reach out to us at to schedule a tour. You can view a virtual tour of our Rockville facility here.

What is your track record for uptime and any recent downtime incidents?

Neither of our data center facilities has had a system-wide outage that affected all customers. Customers can track scheduled maintenance at and our service level agreement has a 99.99% metric of customer uptime. If we fail to meet that metric, the customer is due a refund for service. You can check reviews of our service at

Do you have a network operations center for monitoring and responding to issues?

Atlantech Online has a Network Operations Center (NOC) that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Live personnel are on site at each data center at all times. Any customer issues are tracked in our CARE system:

What is the process for onboarding and installing your equipment in your facility?

A project manager will be assigned to your deployment. There will be a Statement of Work meeting and Data Center Orientation so that we configure exactly what you need and your personnel are familiar with the facility. We'll enter your personnel into our Facility Access system so you can access the facility 24/7. On the day of move-in, our data center technicians will be available to assist in any way we can.

How do you handle maintenance and upgrades that might affect our services?

Any facility maintenance work is scheduled in advance and customers are notified through our Network Status system,

Can you provide information on the connectivity options and carriers available in your facility?

Atlantech Online provides a blended IP connection to our customers, by default. Our IP network connects to the Internet at different geographic locations over different equipment so there is no single point of failure. Packets are routed over the best path chosen by our carrier-grade routing equipment. There are several carriers that have POPs in each of our facilities and customers can order cross connects directly to these carriers. If your carrier of choice is not in one of our facilities, you can order a circuit, provide us with an LOA/CFA and order a cross connect to your new circuit. 

What is your process for disaster recovery and backup solutions?

Atlantech Online has a BCDR plan that it tests on a scheduled basis. For obvious reasons, we don't publicize the plan. Our data center operations undergo an annual Type II, SOC I audit and the accredited auditor does review our BCDR posture and assesses any activations of the plan. 

How do you handle billing, and what are the terms of the service level agreement (SLA)?

Invoices are issued monthly and our terms are Net 20. Customers can access invoices and our billing system using our eBill system at The Atlantech Online Service Level Agreement can be found in our Service Policies Guide at

Pricing Estimator

Get an estimate on what your monthly data center services (21u minimum) would cost for new customers if you switch to Atlantech Online.

Monthly Cost of Colocation

Colocation Monthly Cost:

For a more detailed breakdown of your colocation costs, click "Email Results" below and receive a full PDF report.

Questions about our data center? 

Come see it in person!