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Table of Contents

Atlantech Online Lights 1275 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW with Fiber

Atlantech Online Lights 1275 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW with Fiber

Quintessential Power Address - 1275 Pennsylvania Avenue - Added to Atlantech Online Portfolio of Lit Buildings

Within walking distance of the White House, the Capitol and the National Mall, 1275 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW has been lit with fiber by Atlantech Online. Tenants are at the seat of power and with Atlantech fiber on site, they can exercise power from their office chair or via laptop/mobile device  in the elegant and expansive rooftop terrace with sweeping views of downtown Washington, DC.

In addition to lit fiber from Atlantech Online, the on-site amenities include:

  • Expanded lobby with two story dome.
  • Welcoming parking garage with newly enhanced art entrance.
  • Large rooftop terrace with panoramic views of Downtown Washington DC towards Rosslyn.
  • 4,004 square foot fitness center.

The Pennsylvania Building now offers tenants the ability to access high speed Internet bandwidth at very affordable prices. Atlantech Online services plans start at 100 Mbps and have the flexibility to meet any required bandwidth increments. Adding atlantech|ddos protect service to your connectivity will help secure your connection from DDoS attacks, which are becoming more and more common. Additionally, Atlantech's Hosted PBX service can be utilized by tenants. Tenants using Microsoft Teams can use Teams as a softphone on Atlantech's Hosted PBX platform. Lastly, tenants can access AWS, Azure, Google as well as other cloud providers using the Atlantech Online Cloud Connect service. 

DDoS prevention webinar

"Adding buildings in the Washington DC Central Business District to our network is one of my top priorities. Remote work remains important but many organizations need to have their employees located physically close to the center of government in Washington, DC," stated Ed Fineran, President of Atlantech Online.

If your company is looking to move into The Pennsylvania Building (1275 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW), please give us a call today for a consultation on your telecom requirements and how Atlantech Online can best meet them.


Tom Collins
Post by Tom Collins
June 30, 2022
Tom is the Director of Enterprise Sales & Marketing for Atlantech Online. He has over 20 years of professional experience in the Internet Service Provider industry and is known for translating technology into positive results for business. A native of Washington, DC, a graduate from University of Maryland (degrees in Government & Politics and Secondary Education), Tom is also a five-time Ironman finisher.