Unified Communications to Fuel Your Business

Unified Communications

To keep up in the 2020s, you need to enable your team to work from anywhere. But you don’t need the headaches that come with the spotty service, slow response times, and rigid packages customers often find with Big Telecom providers. 

The good news is that you have a choice.

You can get the robust UCaaS features and exceptional service that can help keep your company at the top of the market, without the hassles and frustrations that give giant telecommunications corporations the bad reputation they’ve earned.

Atlantech Online: The Leader in UCaaS Since Before UCaaS Was a Thing

Atlantech Online's full-featured Unified Communications Solution delivers a range of flexible tools to address the needs of all enterprises.

And we’ve been delivering UCaaS since before it even had a name. In 2004, we started with Hosted Voice services, and we’ve been expanding the offering, strengthening our network, and refining the service ever since.

From call control to individual and group voice features and easy-to-use administrative interfaces, Hosted Voice has led to the transformation of businesses away from premise-based PBX to cloud solutions. Without the limitations of having equipment on-site, Hosted PBX gives users the enhanced feature-functionality of PBX and IP PBX systems, all managed by Atlantech Online.

How to Increase Productivity and Profitability with Unified Communications

Business Telephony Features and Functionality

A law firm has a complex set of communications activities handled by a receptionist. They have legacy Polycom conference phones and a camera/voice device at the front door of the office from which the receptionist can interact with visitors. 

With a UCaaS system, the receptionist can…

  • Interact with visitors at the front door through voice and video
  • See the status of dozens of attorneys and transfer calls quickly and easily, using the Remote Console feature.

Corporate Control Over Mobile Phones

A graphic design firm employs outside sales representatives and remote graphic designers to ensure they have top talent while keeping office overhead low. 

With a UCaaS system and the UC-One mobile app, the firm can…

  • Track remote calls for the organization through Call Detail Records
  • Record all or just some calls through a centralized call recording system.
  • Block received or called numbers on mobile phones, just like desk phones.

Convenience of Desk Phone Features on Mobile Devices

A property management company has some unique communications challenges. With property managers constantly on the go meeting the needs of tenants and vendors, they need to be able to communicate as if they were together in an office. 

With a UCaaS system, property managers can…

  • Put callers on hold or transfer them to a leasing agent if the caller has questions about terms.
  • Conference in maintenance personnel if a tenant needs to discuss a problem with heating or cooling equipment in the space. 
  • Utilize full desk phone functionality with managers moving around the property, keeping them productive and improving the bottom line.

Integrated Call Center, Conferencing, and Messaging Functionality

A local community college has a call center for admissions. Over two dozen agents accept applications and interact with prospective students, with most of the busy work coming towards the end of summer and over the winter break. 

With a UCaaS system, the admissions team can…

  • Easily scale the call center to meet peak season demands
  • Maintain the same interface with agents handling varying types of communications between current students, parents, and new applicants
  • Enable remote conferencing and messaging through UC-One 

Built-In Video Telephony and Video Business Services 

A public affairs firm has busy executives in a number of cities who need to share information and news in real-time. 

With a UCaaS system, the firm can…

  • Conduct video teleconferences in high fidelity, ensuring a more vibrant and productive call that reproduces the feel of being in the office together. The firm can use multimedia integration with enterprise applications like CRM, ERP, and Vertical Apps
  • Easily schedule meetings using Outlook calendar 
  • Access shared files in Google Drive, OneDrive or even Box
The Atlantech Difference

Atlantech is a nationwide telecom provider, but the difference between us and big-tech is dramatic.

With Atlantech:

  • You get customized solutions. You work with real people who are on your side. We don't do cookie-cutter. We get you what you need, and believe you should never have to pay for things you don't need or use.
  • You get fast responses because our service teams are here in our headquarters in the nation's capital of Washington DC.
  • You get reliable connectivity because we’ve built our network the right way, with redundancy and quality of service as top priorities.
  • You get unparalleled service because we don’t rely on million-dollar marketing budgets and Super Bowl commercials to cover mistakes. Our reputation drives our growth.

Unified Communications Pricing

Build a Quote & Get a Special Offer When You Inquire Online. Unified Communication Services are Highly Customizable to Deliver the Services You Need at the Best Price.


SIP Trunking

Many enterprises from large to small have an installed base of legacy PBXes. Atlantech's SIP trunking capabilities extend a softphone to PBX users allowing the business to take advantage of UC without incurring the cost of changing their existing infrastructure until the time is right. Atlantech’s interoperable technology works with all major PBXes, ensuring that UC and other advanced services, like Call Center and Auto Attendants, can uniquely overlay on top of any network architecture for simplified deployments and expedited time to market.

Instant Messaging and Presence

The most popular Unified Communications feature, Instant Messaging, and Presence or IM&P allows employees to quickly check the presence status of coworkers and decide how best to communicate. The Presence indicator is dynamically updated using phone and calendar status, so it is always accurate. It even displays extended presence to include location and time zone information details to help users gauge the best time to reach on-the-go colleagues. Users can engage anyone in the company and get answers in an instant by sending a message from the softphone app.

Desktop & File Sharing

A Desktop & File Sharing application facilitates the free and fast flow of information critical to effective decision-making. Desktop sharing allows users to see and share presentations, spreadsheets, and other media from any location across any network. Our softphones file push capability speeds up workflows and fosters collaboration in the workplace. Simply drag and drop files into the app to share documents and avoid any email firewall size limitations.


Hosted PBX Features

A robust set of business telephony features is essential to a Unified Communications offer. From simple “find me/follow me” functionality that will simultaneously ring to fixed mobile convergence applications to making and receiving business calls on personal mobile devices, our sofphone's calling features are tied directly to the business dial plan. Our softphone integrates seamlessly with advanced telephony features including Call Center and ACD, as well as front-office applications like Auto Attendant and Receptionist.

Atlantech's Network

Atlantech delivers your phone calls and broadband Internet service on its managed, high-speed, high bandwidth fiber network, directly to your office. As a result, the sound quality is excellent.Whether it is one site or multiple sites, we can deliver a high quality dial tone to your business. And we offer competitive International Long Distance calling rates