Fiber-Optic Connectivity for the Washington D.C. Metro Area

Just How Good Can a Local Fiber Network Be?

We know what you’re thinking. Surely, a local fiber-optic Internet provider can’t deliver the speed, bandwidth, uptime, and service that a big cash-loaded telecom corporation can. But the truth may surprise you...

As you can see in the chart, we rank at the very top of business ISPs in speed, and we match that with phenomenal bandwidth, near 100% uptime, and service our customers rave about — all at a competitive price.


Faster, and better ...

The fact that the big telecom giants DON’T provide the speed, bandwidth, uptime, and service that SMBs, banks, colleges, and government agencies in the DC area deserve is the very reason we built Atlantech Online.

They build to get a minimum viable product in front of as many people as possible as fast as possible. Instead of engineering a redundant network that minimizes outages, they're more interested in speed to market. Their goal is not “how well can we build a network?” but “how big of a coverage map can we get and how can we build value for our stock price?”

Internet Connectivity Pricing

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Reliability as an Essential

The result of building fast and cheap is that their networks have multiple points of failure. When one thing goes wrong, the whole network goes down. But when we started Atlantech over 25 years ago, we built the right way — with redundancy and reliability as top priorities, sacrificing speed to market if necessary. We now have a broad coverage map covering the DC area, suburban Maryland, and Northern Virginia. We emphasize the “work” in network. It just works.

Service as a Hallmark

The telecom giants have understaffed and outsourced service departments. Your outage is just a service ticket that they’re trying to make go away with as few people as possible. But when we built our business, we made sure that we staffed the right way — with plenty of knowledgeable, dedicated, local people. We don’t want you to have to call, but when you do, you’re for darn sure going to get someone on the phone who cares and won’t stop until they’ve resolved your issue.


Customization as an Imperative

Because the telecom giants are so big, they have to offer rigid, cookie-cutter solutions to keep their internal costs down. Instead of getting exactly what you need, you get a lot more. Customers come to us all the time who are frustrated with their telecom package and we find that their solution does technically work, but the price they’re paying is not a good value. When we built Atlantech Online, we decided to be nimble so that we could customize and orchestrate the right solutions to complex business needs. Our ability to customize offerings is one of the ways we keep your costs down.



Service Details

  • Primary and Secondary DNS 
  • Circuit Provisioning
  • 24/7 Technical Support With Proactive Response
  • 24/7 NOC Monitoring
  • Dedicated Internet Solutions Specialist
  • Fully Managed Service
  • Easy to understand invoice

Single or Multiple Sites



Whether in a fiber-lit building or in a building that can be served by Ethernet over Copper, Atlantech Online can deliver Internet connectivity to any business address in the DMV. Once connected to the Atlantech Online network, phone service can be delivered over the same circuit. For a single site, if you already have a primary carrier, Atlantech Online circuits can be used for backup or redundant connectivity.



Atlantech can provide point to point Ethernet solutions that create Wide Area Networks for its customers. Using SD-WAN or MPLS, Layer 2 networks can be created that optimize network capacity and minimize the number of devices and interfaces when delivering service. This can simplify phone service and data backup services as multiple sites can easily share resources such as PBXs or Cloud Data Storage.

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