Atlantech Online's Network

Our completely redundant DWDM core network is built to ensure we always have enough capacity for our customers' demanding needs. We provide the ultimate physical environment necessary to keep your access and servers running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Network Map



Map of Fiber Lit Buildings


Atlantech Online's network is built using next generation Juniper Networks routers, fully capable of up to nearly 10Tb/s of throughput.  Along with our proactive network monitoring and self-healing MPLS capabilities, Atlantech is able to provide the uptime and low latency that our customers demand.


Atlantech Online links our Silver Spring and Rockville Data Centers and secondary POPs with diverse entrance fiber paths that enable redundancy and speeds up to 32 Terabits per second through the use of scalable DWDM technology. This "mesh" configuration eliminates single point-to-point fiber link failures to ensure the redundancy allowing for the uninterrupted flow of our customers data across the network. We simply do not tolerate downtime, packet loss, or latency.


At Atlantech, we share our customer's concerns about the security of their equipment and data, and we have deployed the most stringent measures to protect our customer's assets. We have a wide range of security features at all of our locations including motion sensors, biometric hand scanners and 24×7 secured access, as well as video camera surveillance and security breach alarms. We require advance notification and a valid photo ID for any visitor admittance to our facilities.

Peering Relationships

Atlantech Online currently maintains several Gigabits of Internet Peering bandwidth through Level3, Verio, GTT and Hurricane Electric, as well as more than 90 private peering relationships.

  • 10 Gbps through Lumen, Silver Spring, MD
  • 20 Gbps through Hurricane Electric, Ashburn, VA
  • 10 Gbps through Hurricane Electric, Philadelphia, PA
  • 10 Gbps through Zayo, Philadelphia, PA
  • 10 Gbps private peering, LINX, Northern Virginia
  • 20 Gbps through private peering relationships, Ashburn, VA
  • 10 Gbps through Hurricane Electric, Los Angeles, CA
  • 10 Gbps through GTT, Los Angeles, CA

Internet Connectivity Pricing

Serving Maryland, Virginia, & DC Area Businesses