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SLED (State, Local Government and Education) Telecommunications Solutions

SLED (State, Local Government and Education) Telecommunications Solutions

Serve Citizens and Learners More Effectively, Responsively and Efficiently

Smart Cities, Smart Schools, Connected Communities.

Cost-effective connectivity is smarter for everybody. Communities of residents and students can all be served more responsively and efficiently with a comprehensive SLA backed by U.S.-based support.

Invest in fiber network connectivity and enhance the ways the community as a whole can be supported in meeting their needs and desires. Atlantech Online offers connectivity and communications solutions tailored to the requirements of SLED, helping all concerned work more efficiently and effectively.

But it doesn’t just help local communities. The whole nation is helped with ample connectivity in all communities. Smart cities are the wave of the future, digitally connecting everything from traffic lights to streetlights. Get on board now with smart tools enabled by a 100% all-fiber network.

Smart communities:

  • Create positive outcomes for their residents.
  • Are armed with secure technology that keeps people connected and services flowing.
  • Empower local government employees to collaborate in person or virtually.
  • Promote communication and teamwork.

With symmetrical 100% fiber internet, everyone wins. Equal upload and download speeds mean video streaming, uploading files, web conferencing, screen sharing and more are always top quality.

Trust, Transparency, Transformation

When Atlantech Online started building fiber rings in dense business districts within Montgomery County, MD, local government technical personnel saw that through public/private partnership that their fiber optic network could reach more stakeholders. Network managers knew it was the wave of the future for industry and government to work together. Atlantech’s metro fiber network positioned the community for the future by:

  • Digitially connecting many buildings across the region.
  • Transporting voice services over an IP network.
  • Continuing to support legacy voice services such as blue light phones, fax and security lines.
  • Relieving strain on SLED technical budgets by augmenting personnel available to manage the data and voice networks as well as network security.

Cities and educational institutions within the community network footprint could leverage Atlantech IP connectivity for public Wi-Fi and dedicated internet access to relevant stakeholders. Instead of each entity fending for itself, the community as a whole has been able to access fast, reliable access and voice services, and Atlantech Online has been proud to support it.

With Atlantech Online you’ll find a refreshing lack of red tape. Our ability to respond quickly to your customer needs and customizing a cost-effective package of our services means you get the best deal possible and the most personalized service, too. In other words, we’re big enough to handle any-sized telecom solution and small enough to do it personally. We can even do all required wiring!

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Atlantech Services to Transform SLED

Business Fiber

Collaboration and communication are paramount in any fiber or Dedicated Internet Access installation, and Atlantech’s Five Star services help optimize these efforts. We work with you, designing and implementing a truly dependable fiber optic network that enhances the efficiency of your staff.

UCaaS/Hosted PBX

Even though email, messaging and texting are the medium for many communications, reliable voice communications are still required and now have the extra requirement to serve a distributed workforce. Atlantech’s UCaaS, Hosted PBX and SIP trunking services, have the flexibility and enterprise-grade technology to deliver that you need. For those with Microsoft 365 licenses, Teams Calling can help save money and leverage the investment in the Microsoft suite of applications.

Colo Facilities

Why take up space on campus or in a municipal building with space for servers and networking gear if ample space is available nearby with all the redundant power, cooling and connectivity already in place? And, less staff would be required as you could take advantage of the 24/7 staff on site dedicated to maintaining and protecting your physical environment.

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Our Business Is Helping You Focus on Your Mission

Atlantech’s fast, reliable connectivity backed by local-based technical support can make all the difference in helping your organization become more effective, responsive and efficient.

Serve your community better with enhanced networking solutions from Atlantech Online. Isn’t it time you met with us, so we can help you see what’s possible… and what you and your community deserves?


Tom Collins
Post by Tom Collins
March 10, 2023
Tom is the Director of Enterprise Sales & Marketing for Atlantech Online. He has over 20 years of professional experience in the Internet Service Provider industry and is known for translating technology into positive results for business. A native of Washington, DC, a graduate from University of Maryland (degrees in Government & Politics and Secondary Education), Tom is also a five-time Ironman finisher.