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5 Microsoft Teams Phone System Features Your Business Needs

5 Microsoft Teams Phone System Features Your Business Needs

Flavor Flav advised us... "don't believe the hype". And so many times, this turns out to be true. But... is it true when it comes to Microsoft Teams? Should we not believe the hype?

As companies hurried to build out communications platforms for newly remote teams in 2020, Microsoft Teams was one of the most sought-after solutions. Why? It goes beyond instant messaging and video calls to offering native integration with your business phone and Hosted PBX.

So why should your company consider using Microsoft Teams with your cloud phone system? We want to outline some of the essential features of the platform that positively impact your employees.

5 Beneficial Features of a Microsoft Teams Phone System

Let’s start with the basics. Microsoft Teams Calling is a solution that integrates your business software and your company's phone system. But what does that mean for your employees? What abilities and functionalities does the Microsoft Teams phone system offer to help them work efficiently and effectively?

Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365

1. Make any device your business phone

Microsoft Teams offers calling solutions offering the benefits of a company phone while using any device. By utilizing the Microsoft Teams app, you can seamlessly communicate with your team and your clients on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Once set up, your business phone number will be natively integrated with Microsoft Teams and ready to make calls. From the Microsoft Teams mobile app, you can access company documents and join in on conference calls, all while being connected to your PSTN.

I use the mobile app on both an iPhone and an iPad and it really is unmatched in functionality and user experience. It works great, is reliable and doesn't hog all the resources on either device. 

2. Robust calling tools and features

Microsoft Teams’ calling features give you and your team the ability to communicate securely on a reliable platform. Backed by Microsoft’s encryption and security technology, you can use various calling tools to enhance communication with your team and clients.

Microsoft Teams will interoperate with our Hosted PBX system tools and features such as:

  • Auto-attendant services
  • Cloud voicemail
  • Contact center integration
  • Hold music and device switching
  • Audio conferencing
  • Call queues
  • Compliance recording solutions
  • Quick dialing with clear audio

3. Flexibility with communication styles & needs

Your employees prefer different methods of communication. While one of your employees is always available on instant messenger, another may prefer video calling. The Microsoft Teams phone system allows employees to set their communication preferences, communicate whether they’re online or available, and allow you to connect instantly.

The phone system allows employees to set their preferences to options such as email, instant messaging, voice calls, and video chatting. Although there are many options for communication, connecting with your team is simple. Microsoft Teams utilizes a centralized information system where you don’t have to bifurcate communication into multiple platforms.

4. Centralized phone system management

Managing your Microsoft Teams phone system is easy because of the centralized management center. Within a few simple steps, you can add business phone numbers, assign team members to new phone numbers, automatically email the team member the new phone information, and assign an emergency location.

The phone system management is centralized and seamlessly connected between your Microsoft products. For example, IT administrators can manage all of your Microsoft 365 calling from the Microsoft Teams admin center and manage your Microsoft Teams data from their Microsoft 365 platform. Everything is cohesive and meant to integrate with your current processes easily.

5. Integrates with Microsoft 365

Microsoft Teams integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft products such as Microsoft 365. The Microsoft Teams phone system is an add-on feature to an already existing Microsoft 365 account. As your company scales and grows, you can explore the options available from Microsoft that are also scalable.

If you already have Microsoft 365 products such as Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, or OneNote, it’s a simple add-on for you to start using Microsoft Teams with our Hosted PBX phone system. Having all of your software seamlessly integrated simplifies your business communications.

Get Help With Setting Up Your Microsoft Teams Phone System

Setting your team up with the Microsoft Teams phone system can change the game for your company. With the Microsoft 365 integrations, extensive phone features, and easy admin management features, this phone system is a great choice for your business, no matter the size. Speaking for Flav... Microsoft Teams brings the noise!

If you’re not sure where to start or which phone system plan is best for your company, we can help. At Atlantech, we work closely with Microsoft Teams and can provide you with our Microsoft Teams Calling integration. We can help natively integrate your phone systems into Microsoft Teams, giving your team every tool they need to succeed. 

Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365

Tom Collins
Post by Tom Collins
June 9, 2021
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