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Skip all the calls, paperwork and hassle it takes to find a fiber provider for your business.
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Why use Atlantech Online to find the best deal nationwide?

We've seen it all when it comes to fiber connectivity for businesses.


Over $60 million worth of fiber purchased and installed


Business, government, and education fiber internet customers


Over two decades as an internet service provider (ISP)

Your time is valuable.

The typical fiber quote-proposal process eats away at your calendar.


Time Wasters comp


  • Trying to identify providers by asking around or searching on Google for hours.

  • Going through multiple assessment calls with several vendors.

  • Taking time evaluating multiple proposals.

  • Scheduling follow-up calls for questions on proposals.

  • Emailing back and forth. 

It's all a drain on your time.
Time that's better spent working in your business.

The right business fiber solution at the right price without wasting your time.


One Discovery Call

With 25+ years in the fiber game, we've seen it all. We know what questions to ask to understand your business needs and get you the best deal possible.

We Gather Quotes for You

After the discovery call, we find 5-star business fiber providers in your area who can provide the solution you need at the best price.


We shop the best fiber internet deals so you don’t have to.
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Great product. Excellent customer service. Fast turnaround for requests. I would highly recommend their product offerings.
Atlantech Online is an exceptional telco provider. Choosing Atlantech is a decision I do not regret. Atlantech Online has made my job as telecommunications manager a lot easier.
For over a decade, we have put our full faith and trust to ensure our internet and phones are working with virtually no downtime, and Atlantech consistently delivers.
Atlantech has been reliable partner and helps make my job easier. They’re easy to work with and team players.
art-schertzer BarbaraODonnell Neal Kursban-2 Stacy Purdy-min(1)
Art Schertzer, IT Infrastructure Director @ Radio One
Barbara O'Donnell, Asst. Chief ITI Division @ M-NCPPC
Neal Kursban, CEO @ Family Nursing Care
Stacy Purdy-Lautar, SVP, Director of Property Management @ The Meridian Group
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Let us take the headaches out of finding the right fiber provider.

Request a free quote and we’ll show you:
  • Fiber pricing in your area, bundles, & 5-star providers.
  • Single-site or multi-site options
  • Recommendations on what is best for your use case.