Referral Agent Program

Our Referral Agents get paid commission for sending qualified leads or re-selling our services as their own.

Atlantech Online offers a comprehensive Referral Agent Program:


When new customers buy Atlantech Online's products or services, the agent receives a commission. Commissions are based on the products or services sold, and are paid on a one-time basis for referrals.


As a Referral Agent partner, you are eligible to receive discounts on Atlantech's products and services. Discounts are offered on purchases made by your company from Atlantech Online, Inc. Discount Rate is determined by the volume of sales produced.


Being Atlantech Online's Referral Agent Partner puts you on the front lines in the business community. Just as your business contacts open opportunities for Atlantech, Atlantech's customers are potential new clients for you. Atlantech makes email introductions, introduces customers at events, and even attends joint appointments with our referral partners.

Technical Support

All Referral Agent Partners are members of Atlantech Online's Preferred Service program. We promise superior technical support for your company.

Atlantech Online is fully committed to this win/win partnership with our Referral Agents. Partnering with us will increase business for both you and Atlantech