Add-on Services

Atlantech Add-on Services

Email Services

Email is an essential application. Atlantech Online has a full arry of email services to meet the most demanding needs. We offer powerful SPAM tagging and anti-virus protection to dramatically reduce the number of unwanted emails, MailPacks to manage your own email accounts, Webmail to check your messages on the go, and email gateway services to serve as a protective barrier for your in-house email server.

Internet Security

Using a firewall, you can secure your Atlantech Online connection with this easy and affordable solution. Based on your needs, for a very affordable cost per month, you can keep hackers off your LAN while using your dedicated Internet connectivity.

The Basic Firewall Service is setup with a standard configuration that includes up to 5 services mapped to up to 16 IP addresses. All other ports are blocked. The connection is monitored 24×7 and includes 24x7 Atlantech Online technical support and 8×5 vendor technical support with next business day hardware replacement. Ongoing patching and upgrading of the firewall OS is included, as is one firewall modification change per month.

Data Backup, Storage and Recovery are critical for business continuity and disaster recovery in today's business environment. Data loss can result from a variety of causes from human error, computer virus, hardware or software system failure, power disruption, fire or natural disaster. Where would your business be if you lost server data or even files from an admin assistant's workstation?