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The 5 Best Internet Providers in Alexandria, VA

The 5 Best Internet Providers in Alexandria, VA

Are you searching for the top-rated business-serving Internet Service Provider in Alexandria, VA?

With decades of experience, we've learned a thing or two about what companies need from their ISP. The customers we've worked with have prioritized high-speeds, reliability, and transparency.

But it's not just our clients who demand these necessities. All businesses thrive when an ISP can provide top-shelf services.

We've taken that knowledge and found the Internet providers in Alexandria, VA who can meet those expectations. Each prioritizes their service differently, but there's sure to be one that fits your business's needs.

The 5 Top Internet Providers in Alexandria, VA for Your Company

  1. Atlantech Online
  2. Comcast
  3. Verizon
  4. Allied Telecom Group
  5. RCN

When it comes to Alexandria, Virginia Internet service providers, you have a lot of options. So we built this list of the best solutions in the area.

We acknowledge that not every company needs the same support or speeds. It's important to view the features and benefits of each service before making your final decision.

Atlantech Online

AOI-Core Network Map

We at Atlantech take pride in servicing the Alexandria, VA area as a local option. For business Internet, we can deliver 1 Gbps or more on our fiber network. These speeds put us in the arena with much larger providers, but because we have the attention to detail that comes from being a local company, we can provide much more consistent services.

If your building is already lit with fiber, we can get you set up fast. If it's not, we can establish fiber Internet at your location within 30 days. To see if it's already lit, check here.

Unlike the big national providers that offer rigid cookie-cutter packages, we have the ability to customize solutions to meet your specific needs. And unlike the big telecom corporations, our network is built for reliability. You'll have fewer issues, and if you do have to call us, you'll talk to people who live and work in the DC metro area. Our support staff will be committed to solving issues quickly without you having to make several calls to get someone to take action.


Comcast is an Internet service provider that delivers regional coverage. Their Xfinity business Internet offer is capable of providing Gig-speed Internet services throughout the Alexandria area.

According to their website, they transmit up to 6 terabytes of Internet traffic every second. That translates to hundreds of thousands of customers using their service.

Comcast packages start at speeds of 25 Mbps with no data caps and 24/7 support. Customers can also explore enterprise solutions that include custom network infrastructures and fully-managed solutions if you want to outsource daily maintenance and optimization.


As one of the largest providers in the nation, Verizon is a go-to selection for many growing companies. Because their service is nationwide, companies can maintain their accounts while expanding across the country. This saves significant time instead of finding a new ISP you'll still need to vet.

Verizon provides their Fios Internet which is capable of delivering up to 940 Mbps. Additionally, if you're looking for a complete telecommunications package, Verizon offers packages and bundles that can reduce your overall bill.

Verizon is a valuable option for companies in Alexandria, no matter what stage of growth your business is currently at.

Allied Telecom Group

Allied Telecom is a local ISP for the Alexandria, VA area that provides a full spectrum of telecommunication services.

Allied can deliver fiber Internet, reaching speeds of up to 1Gbps. They also offer scalable bandwidth, so you could start with slower speeds and increase them as your business grows. If your company conducts a lot of video conferencing, we recommend a company that offers scalable speeds, so you'll always have what you need.


RCN is capable of delivering 1 Gbps Internet speeds to most locations in the region. Because they offer a range of packages, you can bundle the services you need to reduce your overall cost. And, with their highly rated customer service, you'll have access to representatives who can work through any issues you face with the service.

A potential issue with RCN is that although they provide a quality service, they don't reach 100% of the businesses in the region. Because of this, you may not be able to get the speeds you want for your business. Be sure to discuss your specific location with the ISP before you sign up for service. Otherwise, you may be at a speed disadvantage compared to the competition.

The Best Internet Providers in Alexandria for Your Business

Finding the right business Internet service provider can be the difference between incredible productivity and results for your business, or frustration and decreased efficiency. The decision shouldn't be made lightly.

Choosing a provider doesn't need to be a challenge. By determining what's important to your company, you can narrow the list and find an ISP who meets your needs. We recommend you start by checking if fiber is available from our reliable, high-speed network at your current location.

Tom Collins
Post by Tom Collins
October 9, 2019
Tom is the Director of Enterprise Sales & Marketing for Atlantech Online. He has over 20 years of professional experience in the Internet Service Provider industry and is known for translating technology into positive results for business. A native of Washington, DC, a graduate from University of Maryland (degrees in Government & Politics and Secondary Education), Tom is also a five-time Ironman finisher.