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If you're interested in working with Atlantech for any of our offerings, we provide first-class services to the following locations.

If you don't see your city listed below, we may still be able to offer services. Use the button below to check availability for your building.

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A Service You Can Trust

Virginia is well-known as the east coast’s premier location for data centers. But while many companies will offer the ability to connect your business to multiple redundant networks, we’ll bring those redundant networks to you, delivering reliability and performance that hard to beat. 

Atlantech provides all the telecommunication services you need to keep your business online and connected. With our own local data centers and peer networking, we can provide top-shelf service to our customers in a meaningful way. And since we focus solely on the Virginia, Maryland, and D.C. areas, that service is consistent, reliable, and professional, unlike some national providers who are spread too thin.


Best Telecommunications Provider in Virginia


As a local provider, we offer 24/7 live and local phone support. We also service your building with technicians from the area. This means faster, more direct support and a company that’s as invested in the area as you are. 

Atlantech offers fiber Internet, business phone, and hosting services. If you’re interested in any of these, you can request a quote. If you’re still looking for more information on what services we provide in the state of Virginia, you can find it below.

Reliable, High-Speed Fiber Internet Provider in Virginia

Fiber Internet has become essential in modern business. Without high-speed, reliable Internet, you face lowered productivity, frustrated employees, and disconnected customers. And the unfortunate truth is that some larger providers can’t actually deliver the speeds they promise. 

It’s one of the reasons Atlantech is happy to stay local. We can deliver fiber speeds up to 1 Gbps and ensure every customer is getting the quality of service they need and deserve. 

We offer a range of services to companies based in Virginia, and can find the solution that best fits your business’ needs. Before we can do that, though, you should check your building to see if it’s already fiber lit. 

If it is, we can get your Internet up and running fast. If not, we can wire your building within 30 days, getting your company up to speed with high-speed Internet.  

We take pride in our exceptional customer service and delivering the best business Internet service for our customers. If fast, reliable Internet is what you need, consider Atlantech as your provider. 

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Hassle-Free Business Phone Service Provider in Virginia

When it comes to business phone services, Atlantech provides Virginia with a premier option. You can see why in this article about the best business VoIP providers in Arlington, VA

Compared to many phone providers, Atlantech offers a lower cost and additional features. These facts have resulted in many customers jumping ship and finding the provider they need with Atlantech’s business phone service

If you already have a phone system, we can connect to it and provide you with our service. And because we support key systems, analog systems, PRI and SIP, we have a solution for any setup you currently run. 

If you need a new telephone system, or you want to move to the cloud, we can deliver Hosted PBX services on our Broadsoft platform, giving you flexibility and improved functionality. 

Even if you only need to connect individual phone lines for fax, local calling, or alarms, we can deliver POTS lines to your location. 

Because we’re a local company, we can work with you to fine-tune our offer and get you the exact solution you need for your company’s communications. 

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Secure Hosting and Data Center Provider in Virginia

Virginia has no shortage of data centers and colocation services. Thanks to cost-competitive and reliable utilities, tax incentives, low-priced real estate, and its proximity to the nation’s capital, Northern Virginia serves as the east coast's data center hub. 

As the data center market grows, more and more businesses seek a provider to house or host their servers. At our Rockville and Silver Spring data center spaces, we do just that. 

Collectively, we maintain over 10,000 square feet and 130 cabinets at each location. Our network is capable of delivering up to nearly 10 Tbps of throughput. This allows our customers to enjoy low latency peering relationships to and from their business via our high-speed, high-bandwidth connections. 

Each facility also includes 24/7 support with IT staff meant to augment your team. We also maintain our data centers at a humidity of 45% and have over 140 tons of cooling capacity. Couple this with our redundant power and cooling features, and you can rest assured your servers are in good hands. 

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Robust UCaaS Services Provider in Virginia

If you’re looking for Unified Communications as a Service in Virginia, look no further than Atlantech. 

The modern office demands quality and reliability from their unified communications, including mobility and an array of powerful features. We deliver a full-featured cloud-based solution that meets the needs of any enterprise. 

As a UCaaS provider in Virginia, we have over 22 years of experience providing solutions to businesses in the area. Over these years, we’ve developed an eye for what’s required and realized that not every business needs the same service. This is why we offer a la carte business cloud communications tools, including Internet and VoIP. 

Because we don’t run national marketing campaigns, our budget isn’t spread as thin as some of our competitors. This means we can compete on pricing, providing you with our professional services at a more reasonable rate.

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To say Atlantech Online is one of AOTA’s most strategic technology partners is an understatement. They have played a pivotal role in helping us succeed with at least 3 major projects that are often some of the most complex an organization can undertake. In a span of just a few short years, we have accomplished a data center migration, phone system implementation, and an entire office renovation. The entire team at Atlantech has been there through all of those projects providing us with valuable guidance, project management, and simply honest and excellent work.
Juan Sanchez Director of Information Technology, American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc.
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I have been a loyal customer of Atlantech Online, Inc. (“AOI”) for many years now. It is critical to my business that we have extremely reliable connectivity services and AOI delivers. And, if an issue does arise, AOI’s customer service is some of the best I have ever experienced.
Michael Cogan Esquire, Michael R. Cogan, P.C.
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Knowing that your 24x7 engineering team is managing our router and firewall lets me focus on growing my business instead of managing technology.
Tony Crisalli President, L&R Floors
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Atlantech Online is an exceptional telco provider. Their service is reliable and their customer service is top notch. Our previous carrier could not provide SIP trunking to us quickly or cost effectively as Atlantech.Choosing Atlantech is a decision I do not regret. Atlantech Online has made my job as telecommunications manager a lot easier than in the past. There is no reason not to consider Atlantech Online as a CLEC.
Barbara O’Donnell Assistant Chief ITI Division, M-NCPPC
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Great product. Excellent customer service. Fast turnaround for requests. I have been using Atlantech Online’s colo and Internet connectivity services for three years now and have not experienced any issues. I would highly recommend their product offerings.
Art Schertzer IT Infrastructure Director, Radio One
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We have been long-time customers of Atlantech Online’ s internet services. Three years ago when we decided to research and compare VOIP providers, we ultimately settled on Atlantech’ s Shoretel solution to best meet our needs. The excellent service we received through the years as our ISP was part of the reason we chose them. They continued to provide the excellent service we expected during the VOIP installation and now continuing support of our new VOIP phone services. Atlantech Online’ s services continue to be top-notch.
Jennifer Trumble Operations Manager, Walsh, Colucci, Lubeley & Walsh
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As a Federal IT service provider, we contracted our internal Internet Connectivity and telephone services to Atlantech Online. They provided a smooth transition from our previous Internet/ Phone provider. Reliability is crucial in our line of work, and the quality of their performance has consistently met and exceeded our expectations.
Rodney G. Hawkins President, Washington Technology Group, Inc.

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