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The Best Fiber-Optic Internet in Arlington, VA

The Best Fiber-Optic Internet in Arlington, VA
Frustrated with your current provider of fiber internet in Arlington, Virginia? Some of the common issues that cause business managers to look for a new provider include:

  • The cheap solution they have is costing more from lost productivity.
  • Their Internet has poor uptime and reliability when they need it most.
  • The support team can't handle issues after customers have suffered lengthy wait times.
These problems are the exact reason upgrading to a reliable, business-focused fiber-optic Internet provider is critical to your business.
With speeds of up to and beyond 1 Gbps, more reliable uptimes, and a service that's simple to scale, businesses are upgrading to fiber in swarms. And if you choose to stay with your current option, your competition is gaining an edge.

The Top Fiber-Optic Internet Providers in Arlington, VA

Arlington, Virginia began taking steps towards a city-wide fiber-optic Internet network in 2012, with goals of supporting public safety, education, and emergency management. Called Connect Arlington, the network is really intended to be a middle-mile network with commercial carriers providing the last mile into office buildings.
Today, there are several telecommunications providers in Virginia who offer fiber-optic and high-speed Internet services to businesses in the Arlington area. We've tracked down the best providers to offer you insights on which is best for your company.

Atlantech Online

AOI-Core Network Map (1)
Atlantech Online is a local provider of fiber, voice, and data center services. Business customers can opt for consolidated services, which bundle their company's data and voice over IP (VoIP) needs.
Our fiber Internet can reach speeds of up to and beyond 1 Gbps but where Atlantech truly stands above the rest is in exceptional customer service, including 24/7/365 live support from local experts.
Additional benefits of choosing Atlantech include simple billing processes, transparent pricing structures, and service-level-agreements for consolidated services.
Because we're a local company, we can offer more personalized business Internet solutions than the rigid cookie-cutter packages of national competitors. Additionally, because we're so focused on the area we serve, our network maintains a higher uptime than most, giving you the reliability you need from an Internet provider.

Verizon Fios

Verizon Fios is Verizon's nationwide fiber-optic network. There are six levels of service currently available to prospective customers, so business or residential customers can select the option that is the best fit. At its fastest, Verizon is able to deliver 960 Mbps to its customers.
Estimated pricing for each service level is listed on Verizon's website, as well as clear recommendations for how to determine where you fit into their pricing structure.
There are some Fios bundling options available to prospective customers, including a combination of fiber and voice, or fiber, voice, and television. Verizon also offers 24/7/365 live support. For organizations with in-house IT personnel, there are a number of complimentary online tools for troubleshooting any fiber or connectivity issues.


AT&T also offers corporate fiber-optic Internet services in many major markets nationwide. The benefits of selecting AT&T's business fiber include no-contract agreements, and significant plans to further increase speed and bandwidth for customers in the future.


Comcast is an Internet service provider that delivers regional coverage through their Xfinity business Internet solution. They're capable of providing Gig-speed connections for their customers throughout the Arlington area.
With hundreds of thousands of customers using their service, Comcast transmits up to 6 terabytes of Internet traffic every second. Their packages start at speeds of 25 Mbps with 24/7 support and no data caps.


RCN Business is a provider of high-speed Internet and voice services. The company can deliver Internet speeds up to 1 Gbps to most locations in the region. And, because they offer a variety of packages, you can bundle the services you want to reduce your overall cost.
RCN's customer service comes highly rated, and a sales representative will be able to work with you to find the package that best fits your needs.

The Most Reliable Fiber Internet in Arlington, VA

The soaring popularity of fiber-optic Internet connectivity as a tool for business has led to a surge of options in many markets nationwide.
Choosing a provider, though, doesn't need to be a challenge. By determining what's important to your company, find an ISP who best meets your company's needs. We recommend you start by checking if Atlantech's high-speed fiber is available from our reliable network to your current location.
Tom Collins
Post by Tom Collins
May 8, 2019
Tom is the Director of Enterprise Sales & Marketing for Atlantech Online. He has over 20 years of professional experience in the Internet Service Provider industry and is known for translating technology into positive results for business. A native of Washington, DC, a graduate from University of Maryland (degrees in Government & Politics and Secondary Education), Tom is also a five-time Ironman finisher.