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6 Ways Hosted PBX Takes the Headache Out of Business Phone Service

6 Ways Hosted PBX Takes the Headache Out of Business Phone Service

Does your business phone service keep you up at night?

Business phone service brings its own set of headaches to doing business. Complaints about bad call quality from the sales team and crazy complex phone bills only add to your daily "To Do" list.

Imagine a phone service that reduces your “To Do” list and makes your life easier.

Hosted PBX can remove the stress and headaches that pile on top of your typical responsibilities. Beyond simply alleviating your workload, moving to a hosted PBX solves phone connectivity issues from the top down - from the CEO to the call center.

6 Communications Headaches Hosted PBX Removes

1. Accounting Nightmares

The Scene: It's the beginning of the month, and your accountant brings over the monthly phone bill to approve. What does it all mean? Who do you call for interpretation? And how many chicken scratch computations will it take to allocate the costs?

The Solution: Leave the stress of confusing bills and icy stares from your bookkeeper behind with a move to the cloud. Streamlined billing makes everyone happy, so you can stop dreading the mail delivery the first week of the month. Sudden, unexplained changes, micro "fee" charges, and incomprehensible fee structures—the accounting nightmare of legacy phone system bills—are a thing of a past. Additionally, in a one vendor arrangement, all it takes is one call to answer any questions that may pop up.

2. Reliability Freak Outs

The Scene: Your top salesperson has finally landed a conference call with a CEO for a game-changing opportunity. Everything's going great, when in the middle of introductions, the line goes dead.

Who gets an earful from the sales team?

The Solution: Don't be the fall guy for phone service failures any longer. After all, what can you really do when the system goes down? It's not like you can pull out your wire and pliers and get it up and running again. Either way, no one wants to hear that, and it doesn’t help the situation. All they want is a reliable system.

You can provide that in the cloud. Reliability means an end to jitter, downtime, and dropped calls—and it all comes via a reliable connection to a top-notch cloud system.

3. Scalability Limitations

The scene: A major product launch has driven sales through the roof and the company has added ten new people for the sales team.

The problem? Their phones aren't hooked up yet. The new team members are idling at their desks, playing with new business cards, and trying really hard to look productive.

"Where the heck are the new phone lines?!?" Sound familiar?

The Solution: Any office manager or IT administrator will adore life on the cloud - it scales so readily. Need more lines? Done.

Cloud-based PBX operates via the Internet, which means all you need to do is have a headset ready and, like magic, a new line is up and running.

4. Lack of Mobility

The Scene: A major annual conference is this week, and the team is on-site with hardware, laptops, and phones, ready to take orders on the fly. But, when they power up, there's no service.

Who do they call? Probably you...

Yes, this is another headache and it's one you have to manage from hundreds of miles away.

The Solution: On the cloud, your team can move anywhere and stay online. Using call forwarding, remote teams can access "office" lines 24/7. Pop-up locations can be easily developed and go online almost instantaneously. Plus, when your partner is an industry leader with proven customer service, on-site execution problems are handled directly and quickly by experts.

5. Horrific Administration Requirements

The scene: Sensitive personnel changes have taken place. Phones and voicemail boxes must be changed quickly.

Sounds easy, right? For most legacy systems, it's actually not.

Outdated technology is probably what makes this the worst aspect of your job. Managing the administration of a legacy phone system is cumbersome and time-consuming. It requires dealing with hardware adjustments and system changes that make you second guess pressing the delete button. You're never quite sure… does this delete the entire voicemail set-up or not?

The Solution: Reduce the stress of managing an on-site system, beyond your expertise and comfort level, by moving to a cloud-based PBX system. The move reduces stress around the office in a couple of ways:

First, the possibility of personal error exists with legacy systems. The potential for error is much smaller with cloud systems, plus you can quickly roll-back accidents.

Second, you have the ability to hand off the tricky adjustments to the experts and concentrate on the work you need to do. Finally, changes are faster and more secure, allowing everyone greater peace of mind when a change needs to be made.

6. Skyrocketing Costs

The Scene: Month after month, new upgrades, services, and applications become available. But, the problem is, nothing is included.

Besides the extra costs of software and services, the hardware itself requires constant maintenance and attention. IT costs for the phone service are skyrocketing and the metric you're going to be measured on is cost control.

The Solution: Shine at your next review by suggesting a move to a low overhead solution. Cloud-based PBX requires little to no hardware costs. Get a handle on the increased costs of hardware by removing it entirely. Not only will your budget look better, but so will your annual bonus!

You've Solved Some Big Headaches. What's Next?

Want to understand how to implement these headache-solving benefits? Atlantech can help.

We know businesses can take advantage of cost-saving solutions like hosted PBX, which also provides accessibility, change, and scalability.

If your business is located in the Washington, D.C. area, consider our services for your solution. Our pricing guide is available to provide additional info on what you to expect in terms of costs and setup of a new hosted PBX solution.

Tom Collins
Post by Tom Collins
January 31, 2017
Tom is the Director of Enterprise Sales & Marketing for Atlantech Online. He has over 20 years of professional experience in the Internet Service Provider industry and is known for translating technology into positive results for business. A native of Washington, DC, a graduate from University of Maryland (degrees in Government & Politics and Secondary Education), Tom is also a five-time Ironman finisher.