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Microsoft Announces New Features for Teams Calling

Microsoft Announces New Features for Teams Calling

Microsoft continues to improve Microsoft Teams and Teams Calling capabilities and they didn't disappoint at the recent Enterprise Connect conference.

Announcements made at Enterprise Connect usher in a new era of Microsoft Teams, which includes the public preview of a new Teams desktop app for Windows. This reimagined app is faster, simpler, and more flexible, thanks to a complete overhaul from the ground up. 

But that’s not all - Microsoft introduced 59 new features to Teams, including some new wrinkles that are worth noting. For example., Ultrasound Howling Detection, which addresses the all-too-common problem of an echo quickly escalating into a howling screech during in-person calls. With this feature, you can expect clearer audio and fewer disruptions during meetings. Another new feature is Avatars preview, which provides a much-needed break from on-camera meetings while still maintaining a professional presence. You can read more about all these features, and more here.

At Atlantech Online, we are excited about the latest updates to Teams which will positively impact your experience with Teams Calling. Read on for a top three summary of the announced updates and keep enjoying your collaboration experience with Teams Calling!

Teams Calling – Summary of New Features


Some of the most common issues we received feedback on with Teams are the launch speed, meeting join time, and memory consumption. The goal for new Teams is to make it twice as fast while using half the system resources. Microsoft appears to have addressed the concerns they've received from the marketplace.

Microsoft partnered with an independent benchmarking firm that tested the performance of new and classic Teams across three different computers (low-end, general purpose, and high-performance). The tests comparing new Teams to classic Teams on areas such as installation behavior, application responsiveness, and impact on system resources such as memory and disk space. Here are some of the findings:

  • Launch app up to 2X faster
  • Join meetings up to 2X faster
  • Switch chats/channels up to 1.7X faster
  • Consume up to 50% less memory
  • Consume up to 70% less disk space

With new Teams, you will feel the difference in speed to help you stay in the flow of work. 


Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365


Atlantech Online prides itself and trying to simplify technology so our customers can focus on what they do. This is why we've started delivering Teams Calling to our customer base. Many of our customers are already Microsoft 365 subscribers and Microsoft is constantly aiming to provide a simple yet feature-rich experience for its diverse and growing Microsoft Teams user base. That’s why the new Teams makes it easier to do more in fewer clicks. Here are some of the improvements that were announced with the new Teams:

  • Streamlined Actions: Less clutter simplifies notifications, search, messages, and channels
  • Personalized experiences: Threaded conversations, customizable group chats, and interactive emojis give users more expressive collaboration
  • Simplified meetings: Updates to the pre-join experience, gallery view, and screen sharing remove barriers to effective meetings


Collaborative notes in Microsoft Teams meetings
Starting in Q2 2023, Collaborative notes ensure that each meeting helps you to drive your work forward with a collaborative agenda, co-edited meeting notes, and follow up tasks that sync with ToDo and Planner. The best part is these notes are components of a new product called Loop and they can be copy/ pasted to places like Teams chat and Outlook. They are editable and stay in sync wherever they are shared. Whether you are in the meeting or not, you can access the notes from the meeting recap and check off any completed tasks!

Hotline phones (Private Line Automatic Ringdown)
Starting mid-2023, you will be able to program Microsoft Teams certified phone devices to directly dial a pre-configured phone number or contact, such as emergency services in a manufacturing plant or help desk in your organization. The hotline can be set up directly through the device settings or the Teams admin center. The device will need to be enabled with a Teams Shared Device License and set to common area phone mode. This will be a great feature for schools and healthcare facilities. 

Teams Calling with Atlantech Online

Microsoft Teams Calling is a comprehensive and intuitive communication solution that has become an increasingly popular choice for businesses. With Teams Calling, users can make and receive calls using their computer, tablet, or smartphone, all while enjoying crystal-clear audio quality. The platform also offers features such as voicemail, call forwarding, and call waiting, making it easy for businesses to manage their communication needs.

Additionally, Teams Calling integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft Office applications, such as Outlook and SharePoint, to streamline workflow and boost productivity. With its security features and reliable performance, Microsoft Teams Calling is an excellent choice for businesses of any size looking for a reliable and cost-effective communication solution. Get a free Microsoft Teams consultation from Atlantech Online by clicking on "Eliminated Wasted Time" in the image below.


Tom Collins
Post by Tom Collins
March 30, 2023
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