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How to Get a Business Line on Your Cell Phone

How to Get a Business Line on Your Cell Phone

Imagine if you could maintain a presence in your office, without being physically there.

Given the flexibility required of the modern-day business world, it's more important than ever to have a backup plan for when you can't be at your desk. Using your personal cell phone as a business line is a surefire way to make this happen.

But, you don’t want to forward your desk number to take work calls on your cell. That method gives you no control over the platform and leaves a lot of features out of reach. And having to open an app, though definitely easier than using your phone on the road used to be, is not as easy as using the native dialer on your mobile device.

That’s why we suggest you follow these three steps. If you do, you'll see how easy it can be to put a business line on your cell phone, and how flexible it will make your team.

3 Steps to Using a Business Line on Your Cell Phone

With eSim technology, it is now possible for employees to use one phone for both personal and business purposes. Employees can use their smartphones just like a desk phone that's connected to the Unified Communications platform used at work.

When employees need to move from the office to the field, they will receive all their business calls and texts straight to their cell phones. There is no extra work or time needed to learn a new system.

Plus, one of the greatest things about eSim technology is that you won't need to install any desktop hardware or purchase any additional equipment. Even if your employees need headsets, they can use the same one they use for their personal cell phones.

The potential to expand your reach while saving money is huge — and here is how you can do it! business wireless

Step 1. Get an Unlocked Phone

Before the phone can be connected to your Atlantech phone service, it will need to be unlocked. In simple terms, an unlocked phone is a phone that isn’t tied to specific providers — it’s free to be connected to any provider you choose. This means you can use it with any cellular carrier or with multiple providers at the same time.

For example, if your staff have phones that are locked into only using a specific provider, such as Verizon or AT&T, they would need to contact their provider and go through the required steps to get it unlocked before they could connect it to your business line.

After their phone is unlocked, it will accept an eSIM that’ll allow it to work with any provider — including Atlantech.

Step 2. Find a Provider

The next thing you'll need to do is find a service provider. But it can't just be any provider — you need a Unified Communications (UCaaS) provider if you want true business-level service on your personal phones.

A UCaaS provider, like Atlantech, will offer business wireless to their customers. With our service, you can add business lines to personal cell phones with ease.

You also don't have to buy any additional equipment because our eSIM is entirely software-based.

If you currently use Atlantech for UCaaS, we make switching to eSIM as easy as pressing a button in your software. But, we also understand how important it is to pick the right provider for your company. That's why we want to remind you to be mindful of a few things on your search.

  • How available is support? Every business operates at different times, so you need a UCaaS provider who will be available when you need them — 24/7/365. We understand that your company might need help late at night or even on holidays. At Atlantech, our technical support is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
  • What features will you have access to and how flexible are they? If you're not on your own switch, you'll lose some flexibility. You want to have complete control over your call and text records. Features like voice recording and call forwarding are essential. Atlantech makes sure its customers have that control!

Step 3. Setup Your Phone

Lastly, you'll need to set up your phone. Atlantech provides you with eSIMs that easily install in your employees' smartphones.

Employees can then make business calls from their personal phones. Anytime they start to dial a number, they will have the option to use their personal number or their business line.

There's no need to install any new apps, and your employees won't have to learn a new interface. It's the same call features they are already familiar with.

With Atlantech wireless, we use eSIM technology to make the switch from personal calls to a business line effortless. The eSIM in your employee's phone registers them with a switch.

When a call comes through the business line, it goes through Atlantech Online's voice switch. You can record and store any eSIM calls in your virtual call recording system. It's then logged in the customer relationship management tool and UCaaS systems.

Getting Started with Atlantech Wireless

You have a job to do, even when you can't be physically in the office to do it. Today's business world requires flexibility. You need a plan for the days that you’re on the road or working from home.

Using your personal phone as a business line is the best option to make that work!

We know it might sound intimidating to make the shift, but at Atlantech, we are here to help. With our eSIM technology, there is no app to download or additional hardware to purchase.

We make it as easy as flipping a switch, and our team provides all the technical support you need to start using eSIM technology in your business today.

“I have been a loyal customer of Atlantech Online, Inc. (AOI) for many years now. It is critical to my business that we have extremely reliable connectivity services and AOI delivers. And, if an issue does arise, AOI’s customer service is some of the best I have ever experienced.” -Michael Cogan, Esquire, Michael R. Cogan, P.C.

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Tom Collins
Post by Tom Collins
August 18, 2020
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