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11 Business Benefits of Enterprise Unified Communications

11 Business Benefits of Enterprise Unified Communications

Enterprise Unified Communications saves money.

That is the message being blasted at IT decision makers and business owners from business publications, service providers, and the media. And saving money is a benefit we can all agree is important.

But in this article, we would like to propose the idea that Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) offers small, medium, and enterprise operations the ability to greatly improve business operations in a way that results in a more profitable bottom line.

Yes, it can save you money, but it can also impact innovation, efficiency, and productivity.

So while we will talk about the obvious benefits, afterward we will introduce you to opportunities that become available only through unified communications (UC).

5 Major Benefits of Enterprise Unified Communications

When you install a UCaaS system, you inherently gain some impressive functionality. When you work with Atlantech Online's nationwide network and first-class resources, you get even more. 

Atlantech started providing UCaaS service in the Washington, D.C. area before UCaaS had a name. Today, we can reach across the country, providing the services businesses need to thrive. Because of this, we intimately know the benefits of UC. 

So, when it comes to those benefits, these are the biggies. These are the benefits that can overhaul your business culture and communications to allow for hyper-growth.

Streamlined Everything

Unified communications provide real-time access to services such as phone communications, messaging, data sharing, and conferencing from a variety of devices and allow every executive, staff member, and customer to move seamlessly between them. By bundling these services and partnering with a world-class vendor, businesses gain opportunities of scale and can optimize productivity across all business operations.

These economies touch every business unit in an organization, reducing expenses each step of the way.

Unified Communications Move with You

Work anywhere. Connect with partners and customers from the road, from home, or anywhere business takes you. On a UC plan, instant connectivity provides flexibility when it comes to where, when, and how business communications occur. You will no longer be limited by the silo of being in the office.

Superior Reliability

UC offers superior reliability by creating performance redundancies that protect against downtime. If one tool goes down, another is programmed to kick in.

Combine this optimal redundancy with a top-notch data center and major cloud provider access and you've got a UC plan to keep business running even in the direst situations.

Transformative Collaboration

Unified communications is the point where strategy, operations, and production coalesce. The advanced suite of tools allows all stakeholders to collaborate in real-time. Companies are able to respond faster to environmental and competitive changes and to flag valuable opportunities that may have gone unnoticed.

Implementation and organizational challenges are reduced by instant access and quick problem-solving. By creating an environment that can support collaboration across multiple channels, an organization has gained a huge competitive advantage.

Hardware Requirements & Staffing

UC allows you to move every purchase, update, and maintenance task associated with telecom to the provider and shift skilled IT staff to projects that progress the competitive strengths of the company. By removing maintenance headaches and costs, organizations can reap significant savings.

From Legacy PBX to UCaaS

6 Surprising Ways Unified Communications Will Improve Your Business

24/7 Access & Improved Remote Capability

A global economy demands 24/7 access and functionality. Outsourcing around the world is more and more common and forcing remote teams to wait 4 hours before the other side of the world wakes is a waste of valuable time. Unified Communications allows remote teams to continue working seamlessly while other teams are not available.

Customer Interactions

Dress for the job you want. Cliche, yes. But there is truth in this message. Your business reputation is at stake and every dropped call and failed video conference due to bandwidth issues leaves a mark. For smaller organizations, UC delivers the perception of strength and market dominance.

Advanced Functionality & Access

If your business is pushing major data uploads to the cloud, odds are, your teams are using cutting-edge, bandwidth-sucking apps and programs. The advanced features available on a UC plan allows your team access to the tools that will support development.


What keeps you up at night? The various messaging tools your staff is using to send confidential files should not be one of them. Because UC means just one vendor, your data may be more secure. Look into vendor data center certifications and credentials to be sure they meet the recommended guidelines and key governmental regulations.

Even Your Accountant Will be Happy

Unified Communications is a one vendor solution. And your accounting department is going to love it. One monthly bill, transparent line items, and flexibility to scale up and down to reduce wasted bandwidth are all benefits of UC.

BYOD & Employee Lifestyle Considerations

Want the best and brightest on your team? To attract team members that can add measurable contributions, you'll need to make it worth their while. Consider how important a "Bring Your Own Device" culture is to the next generation of employees and what lifestyle choices they prioritize. The telecom capabilities of UC closely align with how your future employees are already communicating, thereby creating a workplace culture they will understand and embrace.

Unified Communications is the answer for Growth-Oriented Organizations

Ready to face the future? A unified communications plan will take you there. Let the team at Atlantech help guide that move. We have the experience and skills to evaluate your business and to create, deploy, and manage an enterprise unified communications plan you can rely on.

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Tom Collins
Post by Tom Collins
November 16, 2016
Tom is the Director of Enterprise Sales & Marketing for Atlantech Online. He has over 20 years of professional experience in the Internet Service Provider industry and is known for translating technology into positive results for business. A native of Washington, DC, a graduate from University of Maryland (degrees in Government & Politics and Secondary Education), Tom is also a five-time Ironman finisher.