The 7 Best Internet Service Providers for Small Businesses in Washington DC

Tom Collins
Post by Tom Collins
July 2, 2019
The 7 Best Internet Service Providers for Small Businesses in Washington DC

Reliable, high-speed Internet access can help turn your business from an average player to a "major playa" in your industry.

The right Internet provider keeps your business operating when service is most critical. They ensure your team will always have access to their online tools. But most importantly, they'll ensure you can keep delivering the work your customers count on.

How, though, can you find the right provider for your business?

In the Washington, DC metropolitan area, businesses have several options for internet service, ranging from the big name national companies to local providers. And, if you know what you're looking for, the decision isn't hard.

The Best Internet Service Providers in the Washington DC Metro Area

Before you select the Internet service provider for your small business, you need to determine a few things.

First, you need to know how important the Internet is to your business. If you're like nearly every other modern-day company, it's critical. Because of this, we recommend you go with fiber as your primary option. It offers faster speeds, better security, and a lower cost over time.

Still, there are other options that will meet the needs of your organization. Many providers will offer DSL, Cable, and Fiber depending on what you want and are willing to pay.

Next, you need to decide if it's important for you to have a local or national company managing your Internet service. There are benefits to both.

A national company will generally have more resources, a larger fleet of technicians (probably contractors, however), and a more extensive nationwide or even worldwide network. Local providers are generally more knowledgeable on the services they provide and are better at building relationships over the term of your contract.

Whichever you decide is most important to you, here are the seven best Internet providers in the DC metro area who can help.

Atlantech Online

Best Internet in Washington DC Metro Area

Atlantech is one of the powerhouses of the DC metro area, providing Fiber Internet with speeds reaching 1 Gbps. And while our speeds compete with the national companies, it's important to note that we're a local business. This means our techs, customer service, and offices are all located in the surrounding areas.

Because we also own our own data centers and offer unified communications packages, we can provide any telecommunications requirement your business has.

Atlantech Online currently services over 3,600 commercial buildings around the DC metro area. To see if your business is already part of our extensive network, you can check here. And, if your building isn't connected, we can provide telecom services with 30 days.

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Allied Telecom

Allied Telecom is a local Internet service provider that also offers telecom services. Because of the size of the company, they're a better option for small to medium-sized businesses. While enterprises can still benefit from Allied's service, support may be slower for massive issues.

Allied provides all the installation options we previous discussed, also including fixed wireless. Depending on your selection, speeds can reach as fast as 1 Gbps. If your company conducts a lot of virtual meetings or video conferences, these speeds and low latency will provide exceptional reliability.

Comcast Business

Comcast is one of the largest Internet service providers in the nation although they only provide regional coverage. The company offers Gig-speed services and in the DC area, they're a top player.

Comcast is well-known as a low-cost entry point for companies needing an ISP. Because they outsource their data centers and use advertising as a primary revenue stream, they're able to provide competitive rates. Comcast boasts no data caps and 24/7 customer support. With speeds starting at 25 Mbps, small businesses can find affordable options for any level of service they need.


Verizon is possibly the nation's best-known provider. Many companies select Verizon because it can provide services anywhere in the country, including mobile support. For organizations looking to grow, this saves time by cutting down the search for a local provider.

In the DC metro area, Verizon provides FiOS Internet. This service capable of up 940 Mbps and if you couple the package with cable or phone, it can reduce your overall bill. Verizon is a decent option for businesses of any size, but for companies that prefer more straightforward billing or that personal touch, other providers may be a better fit.



Zayo Group focuses its attention on dark fiber, wavelengths, SONET, IP services, live video and a wide variety of bandwidth infrastructure services too. A point of pride is their connectivity on dense intercity and metro fiber. A solid option for niche services, Zayo doesn't offer many of the other connectivity solutions that businesses need, such as phone service


In 2018, RCN was named PC Magazine's Fastest ISP in the United States. With speeds reaching 1 Gbps, it's no wonder.

Like Verizon, RCN offers different packages and bundles where you can save. And paired with their exceptional customer service, the company is a great option for any company size. The downside, however, is that RCN doesn't provide 100% regional coverage. Before spending time reviewing their offers, you should ensure they cover your area.


GTT is a provider of global recognition. With over 600 Points of Presence around the world, they're ranked as one of the top Tier 1 IP networks.

In the DC area, GTT provides Fiber and ethernet to its customers and guarantees the performance, reliability, and security you pay for. GTT's service is best suited for companies spread across multiple countries looking for a single provider, although it does provide options for smaller offices.

Getting the Best Internet for Your Business

No matter the size of your company or the extent of your global – or local – reach, you're going to want to investigate the various Internet service providers available to you in the Washington area to determine what approach will serve your business with greatest efficiency and efficacy.

Get a feel for each provider by talking to them – explain your needs and assess both how they respond to you, and to what degree you like their responses. To get a sense of the whole picture, make sure to ask for rate quotes, clarify their billing practices, and drill down into their troubleshooting approach. Ideally, you will want to work with the experts who have already researched the available options and who are in an excellent position to advise you as you move forward with your choices.

We're always ready to answer your questions at Atlantech Online. Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your business Internet connectivity needs.

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Tom Collins
Post by Tom Collins
July 2, 2019
Tom is the Director of Enterprise Sales & Marketing for Atlantech Online. He has over 20 years of professional experience in the Internet Service Provider industry and is known for translating technology into positive results for business. A native of Washington, DC, a graduate from University of Maryland (degrees in Government & Politics and Secondary Education), Tom is also a five-time Ironman finisher.