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How Does eSIM Work? Business Wireless on Your Cell Phone

How Does eSIM Work? Business Wireless on Your Cell Phone

It's opening some new possibilities with cellular telephone technology, but how does eSim work? 

Why? Because there are tremendous benefits that help make the decision easy to incorporate eSim technology in future mobile phone models. 

Imagine if you could save money, have a service that your team actually wants to use, and didn't sacrifice any of your phone's features. 

While the benefits are impressive, they carry more weight when you understand how the technology actually works. We've broken down how eSIM works, so you can be confident in the decision to adopt the tech.

How Does eSIM Work? An Essential Guide

As the way we do business changes, so must a company's willingness to keep their teams connected. The current pandemic has sent millions of employees to work from home for the foreseeable future. Even once companies return to the workplace, the need for an upgraded and more nimble communications system becomes even more critical. Some employees may never return to the office or centralized work site.

One of the most critical communication tools that companies should be looking to upgrade is their office phone system. Essentially, the phones sitting on desks across the office have seemingly become relics of the bygone era.

Customers, outside vendors, and even other employees need a foolproof system to communicate with various members of your organization.

This is where eSIM has potential to come into play.

What is an eSIM?


eSIM stands for embedded SIM card. It is important to note that it is not actually a physical card and you need not swap out any hardware on internal components of your phone.

A regular SIM card is a small chip inserted into your phone that allows your mobile phone to mimic the functions of your work phone. Before you begin this process, it’s important to adopt an eSim system that works with all major cellular carriers.

Once an employee has uploaded their eSIM, they are free to use it on all business calls. Each time they begin to dial a number, they will be presented with the option to use their personal or professional lines. If the employee is an international traveler, they can be presented with the option of their International dialer. Best of all, there is no new app to download or interface for them to try to figure out how to use. It is the same call features they are already familiar with.

What Devices Can Use eSIMs?

eSim technology has come a long way and can be used with most modern cell phones, including iPhones, Google phones, and most Androids. This helps businesses avoid having to purchase a massive amount of cell phones to distribute to their employees. Your employees will undoubtedly appreciate only having to carry around one cell phone at a time.

What Networks Offer eSIM?

The popularity and practical use of eSIM technology has not gone unnoticed by the major cellular carriers in this country. All the major players, including Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, offer this type of technology. Again, this is a big win for any employer who is looking to introduce a new solution to their team without being disruptive. However, not all wireless eSIMs programs are compatible with every carrier.

To avoid any issues, it is important you confirm the solution you are choosing is, in fact, compatible with all major carriers. For example, atlantech|wireless is an ideal partner for this very reason.

With Atlantech's Business Wireless services, you can seamlessly implement our solution across your teams, giving your employees access to all major carrier cell phone towers instead of being restricted to one. In a world of instant communication, it is crucial to always have the best signal.

How Does eSim Work In Your Business?

Upgrading vital communication systems should be a top priority for any company looking to grow and compete in today’s market. Your first step is to invest in atlantech|wireless services. Atlantech has been serving companies of all sizes for over 25 years. We are proud to offer a mobile communications service that is built specifically for emerging businesses.

Pairing eSIM technology with our cloud-based mobile network allows your entire team to operate from anywhere. This is perfect for teams that work remote and in various offices across the globe. It's also ideal for companies that employ sales reps who spend the majority of their time traveling.

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Tom Collins
Post by Tom Collins
November 18, 2020
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