Enterprise UCaaS: What 2020 Taught us About Enterprise Mobility

Tom Collins
Post by Tom Collins
July 14, 2020
Enterprise UCaaS: What 2020 Taught us About Enterprise Mobility

No one expected 2020 to be the year that made working at “the office” practically extinct.

Unfortunately, many businesses were caught off guard — without a plan as to how they could continue to operate when they couldn't work on-site.

They lacked the flexibility to work remotely. Without access to business lines and client numbers, communication came to an abrupt halt. The documents they needed were left on their desk, inaccessible to anyone.

These are just a few of the many reasons we recommend that businesses switch to a cloud-based unified communications service. The inability to communicate both inside and outside the physical confines of your organization holds back every facet of your business.

While 2020 may have more surprises — Murder Hornets anyone? — it has already taught us some important lessons about enterprise mobility that will help keep your business moving in the right direction.

3 Lessons From 2020 on Enterprise Mobility

Having a platform to communicate is no longer enough. You need one with near-perfect uptimes that integrates with the other tools your company uses and gives you the ability to work wherever you need to.

It's no secret that the cloud is changing the world of business communications, and cloud-based communications usher companies into a new world of benefits.

This is a shortlist of some of the things companies learned as they adopted cloud communications for their businesses.

1. Cloud Communications Are a Necessity




In 2020, companies that continued to use Legacy PBX systems during the pandemic ran into serious limitation issues, while companies that use UCaaS learned first hand just how essential it is. Cloud communications have proven to be a necessity in this new environment.

While everyone on your team is forced to work from home, they can access your communications platform to stay connected. This allows everyone to remain on the same page and can continue to be productive.

Cloud communication services offer many features that help people in small and large businesses stay in touch with each other. Some of those features include call-routing, voicemail to email, and conferencing.

Atlantech's UCaaS is easy to install and integrate into your system. You will be able to communicate on the go with everyone in your team.

If you need to message someone, share your screen, or conduct a voice chat with everyone, UCaas can make all these forms of communication possible.

Having a full range of cloud communication capabilities makes it easy to maintain a work presence that feels like you are at the office. This allows your team to maintain productivity when dealing with unusual circumstances.

2. The Flexibility of UCaaS is Critical

You can't beat the flexibility of cloud communications. Atlantech’s UCaaS comes with the ability to pay for the services you need and skip the ones you don't.

This kind of flexibility is essential for smaller or start-up businesses. It allows companies to choose the features that they need while staying within their budget. It also offers the option to add, drop, or change features at any time.

Atlantech's UCaaS works the same way with larger companies that need to scale back. If cash-flow gets tight during a downturn, companies can save money by reevaluating their service and adjusting according to their needs.

This flexibility Atlantech provides with its UCaaS service options is crucial for all businesses in all price ranges.

3. Integrations Are Vital to Productivity

Integrated communication resources are vital. They improve your company’s communication significantly and allow for a seamless workflow — no matter where your team members are.

Linking everything together increases communication efficiency, ensuring clarity for your team’s collaboration on projects. Atlantech’s Cloud communications help small businesses save time and money with fantastic feature sets at a low monthly cost.

Some features offered include a mobile app, an online portal, call handling, multi-site, and so much more. Small businesses can use these features to create a smooth and productive workflow.

Increase Your Teams' Mobility with UCaaS from Atlantech

Leaving behind a dated communications system and switching to UCaaS is not as difficult as one might think if you use the right company to help through the transition.

There are several UCaaS providers out there. You need to look at your company's specific needs and determine which provider can meet them.

An excellent place to start, when searching for a UCaaS provider, is to find out how the provider will keep your company's communication running smoothly with minimal costly downtime during the switch.

At Atlantech, we work with you to create tailored plans to help avoid that risk. You can rest assured that we won’t let you miss important calls so you can enjoy our service without any headaches.

Atlantech’s UCaaS will help your employees work remotely from home while allowing you to stay in touch, and have access to relevant documents you might otherwise leave at the office.

2020 changed the way almost everyone does business. You don't want to use dated systems and fall behind your competitors.

Learn how to make a flawless transition from Legacy PBX to UCaaS with Atlantech today by downloading your free guide.

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Tom Collins
Post by Tom Collins
July 14, 2020
Tom is the Director of Enterprise Sales & Marketing for Atlantech Online. He has over 20 years of professional experience in the Internet Service Provider industry and is known for translating technology into positive results for business. A native of Washington, DC, a graduate from University of Maryland (degrees in Government & Politics and Secondary Education), Tom is also a five-time Ironman finisher.