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Understanding Enterprise Branded Calling

Understanding Enterprise Branded Calling

A customer of mine had a third party technician who was working on their LAN. It caused a problem with my customer's connection and so I needed to reach out to their tech to get them pointed in the right direction. After a few days, the customer reached out to me and asked "have you heard back from my tech?". I hadn't... but then I realized... a number that I had never been called from before was being rejected by the phone system as "SPAM". I reached out via email, added the phone number to my "whitelist" and we were back in comms and got the issue resolved. This incident highlighted a problem with a solution in the telecommunications environment of 2023. Using Branded Calling, you can have your outgoing calls identified by your brand on the receiving end. This helps get around the problem of cell phone carriers not updating their number database to match calls that are going across their network. The problem of "unknown caller" and/or"SPAM" tags added to your outbound call goes away.

What is a Enterprise Branded Call?

On the telephone network of today, the enterprise branded call emerges as a very useful tool. It's an experience as I described above that perhaps many of you have felt, too: the uncertainty and annoyance of receiving calls from unknown numbers, often leading to the assumption that these are spam or fraudulent calls. The perception is so strong that a staggering 87% of consumers suspect unidentified calls to be scams, creating a challenging environment for legitimate businesses making outbound calls.

The Importance of Branded Calls

This is where the concept of a Branded Call becomes crucial. It transforms the anonymous nature of calls by displaying the caller's company name, location, logo, and other identifiable information. This preemptive display shifts the narrative from a potential spam call to a recognized, trustworthy source, fundamentally changing how customers perceive and respond to these calls.

Advantages of an Enterprise Branded Call

1. Building Trust: Misinformation... scams... spam... consumer trust today is at a premium and unidentified calls can adversely affect brand perception. For instance, consider a scenario where a food delivery service's update calls go unanswered due to the lack of caller identification. This leads to customer frustration and diminished trust, ultimately affecting the business negatively.
2. Combating Security and Spam: With the rise in telecom scams, establishing the legitimacy of calls is paramount. Having a carrier that can authenticate outbound calls, ensuring the integrity of the caller's identity and safeguarding customers against fraud is very important.
3. Enhancing Branding: The customer's experience of a call significantly influences their perception of a business. A Branded Call creates a visual engagement that fosters positive associations, leveraging word of mouth as a potent marketing tool.
4. Increasing Answer Rates: Stats don't lie! An average 80% increase in answer rates for call centers using branded caller IDs. The reason is simple: people are more likely to respond to calls when they know who's on the other end.

Risks of NOT Utilizing Branded Calls

1. High Volume of Unanswered Calls: With 84% of consumers assuming unidentified calls to be fraudulent, the absence of branded caller ID leads to a substantial number of missed connections, directly impacting the company's bottom line.
2. Challenges of Unidentified Calls: This place and time that we are in demands clarity and transparency. Unidentified calls breed mistrust and frustration, leading to eroded customer loyalty and the potential shift of customers to competitors with clearer communication strategies.

How Atlantech Online Enhances Caller ID Branding

Atlantech Online revolutionizes outbound calls by enabling businesses to brand their caller ID, significantly increasing answer rates and building trust. Features include tracking the impact of Branded Calls, monitoring caller reputation, understanding call block/report reasons, and securing calls against number hijacking.

The integration of enterprise branded caller ID is more than a mere technical upgrade—it's a strategic move towards enhanced customer trust, improved communication, and strengthened brand perception. As businesses navigate the complexities of modern communication, embracing such innovations is not just beneficial but necessary for maintaining a competitive edge.



Tom Collins
Post by Tom Collins
November 16, 2023
Tom is the Director of Enterprise Sales & Marketing for Atlantech Online. He has over 20 years of professional experience in the Internet Service Provider industry and is known for translating technology into positive results for business. A native of Washington, DC, a graduate from University of Maryland (degrees in Government & Politics and Secondary Education), Tom is also a five-time Ironman finisher.