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The 4 Most Reliable Business Wireless Providers for Enterprises

The 4 Most Reliable Business Wireless Providers for Enterprises

Reliability can be hard to come by these days. With so much being mass-produced, how can we be sure what we're getting will meet our needs?

As an enterprise business, you're operating at a larger scale than most and can't afford to sacrifice quality. And, it's ok to demand the same thing from your business wireless provider.

We've compiled a list of the four most reliable wireless providers for enterprises, so you can find one that meets your distinct needs.

The Top 4 Business Wireless Providers

Businesses are responding to the stay-at-home orders of COVID-19 by leaving their offices and working remotely. Wireless providers are working to alleviate the pandemic’s effects by providing their top services to enterprise businesses.

But how do you know which wireless provider is right for you? We’ll break down the top contenders to help you make the best decision based on your needs.

1. AT&T Business

at&t business

AT&T is no stranger to the world of communications. AT&T has had a hand in the way people live, work, and play for 144 years. They’re a modern media company with a unique blend of businesses that work together to provide their world-wide customers with technology, news, entertainment, connectivity, advertising, and more.

AT&T is launching 5G nationwide, allowing for businesses to have enterprise-grade mobility. The launch provides businesses with a step up from basic consumer options.

AT&T provides its enterprise business customers with maximum security and data control. While there are no overages, and AT&T does allow for data rollover, they do implement data caps. Plans tend to get a little pricey with all the add-ons even though plans start at $35/month for a basic plan.

Key services for enterprise businesses that AT&T offers:

  • 5G (in some areas)
  • Instant communication, tracking, and workforce management.
  • Engage customers and employees through messaging.
  • Mobile rate plans, purpose-built for business.
  • International add-on offers.
  • Mobile connectivity through various internet connections.
  • Boost inside wireless coverage.
  • Mobility professional services for business.

These services are in addition to the mobile wireless packages offered.


business wireless pricing at&t


2. Verizon Wireless

verizon business

Verizon Communications Inc. was formed in 2000 out of the Bell Atlantic and Nynex merger and has celebrated 20-years as one of the world's leading providers of information, entertainment, communication, and technology products and services.

Verizon Wireless enterprise mobility solutions provide businesses with everything they need to reach customers on their terms. Companies can stay productive in more places and keep private information safe and secure.

Verizon Wireless mobility for enterprise businesses offers many mobile device choices and up to 20GB mobile hotspot.

Plans do get a little pricey with all the add-ons. Their plans start at $30/month for a basic phone on an unlimited plan and $45/month for smartphones. It’s an additional $5/month to connect extra devices.

These plans include unlimited talk and text, video streaming, mobile hotspot, email access, unlimited international messaging from the U.S., and unlimited 4G LTE data.

Key services for enterprise businesses that Verizon Wireless offers:

  • 5G Ultra Wideband
  • Adapt and transform your business with products.
  • Protect your enterprise from threats with security.
  • Capitalize on your valuable data.
  • Personalize your customer experience.
  • Provide employees the ability to collaborate anywhere.

These services are in addition to the mobile wireless packages offered.


business wireless pricing verizon


3. T-Mobile

t mobile business

T-Mobile, as a subsidiary of a German telecommunications company, Deutsche Telekom AG, began operations in 1990. T-Mobile operates in 50 countries and employs 211,000 people around the world.

T-Mobile sets itself apart by adapting the un-carrier way of business. It means they’ve set out to relieve their mobile customers of their most significant pain points and give them a dedicated team of highly-trained experts who get assigned to their accounts.

T-Mobile believes the customer comes first, not the profits. They offer in-flight texting and data, as well as DIGITS (eSIM.) But, they do have data caps.

Plans start at $30/month for four lines when enrolling in AutoPay for the Essentials package.

The Simple Choice for Business © plan starts at $50/month for up to 2GB 4G LTE data. Prices vary for more lines and higher data packages. Magenta © for business is $60 per line. Discounts are available for multiple phones. For example, 12 lines come in at $30/per month per line.

Key services for enterprise businesses that Verizon Wireless offers:

  • 5G
  • Netflix
  • Taxes & Fees included.
  • Loyalty programs like T-Mobile Tuesdays.
  • No roaming fees.
  • Microsoft 365 (Included in business plans.)
  • No overages.
  • Wi-Fi calling.
  • Unused data rolls over.
  • Unlimited calling and texting to and from both Canada and Mexico

The mobile wireless packages they offer include these services.


business wireless pricing  t mobile


4. Atlantech Wireless

atlantech wireless

Atlantech Wireless is a service offered by Atlantech Online. Atlantech was founded in Maryland in 1995 and was one of the early entrants into the Internet Service Provider industry. Since that time, our company has established a superior track record of providing telecommunications services to clients.

We’re a public utility company in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. Our company provides fiber, telephone, and data center services to enterprise businesses.

We have a core fiber network that connects its data centers and hundreds of major office buildings throughout the region. The services include high-speed Internet, MPLS, SD-WAN, and other data networking solutions, telephone services, and hosting.

We have the same capabilities as the providers listed above, but our company cares more about our customers than just making money. We offer a more personable solution while still fully fulfilling all of these different services and features.

Which Business Wireless Provider is Best For You?

It doesn’t have to be a hassle for you to find the right wireless solution for your enterprise business. With the correct provider, you’ll get the information and advice you need to ensure all of your wireless needs get fulfilled.

At Atlantech, we are more than just a wireless provider. We offer all of our clients an all-in-one mobile communications service with UCaaS and CCaaS capabilities.

As an enterprise business owner, you’ll be able to leverage the power of the most innovative wireless solutions available today. As a bonus, you’ll have a dedicated team of experts to help you get everything set up and make sure you’re running smoothly.

“As a Federal IT service provider, we contracted our Internal Internet Connectivity and telephone services to Atlantech Online. They provided a smooth transition from our previous internet/phone provider, and the quality of their performance has consistently met and exceeded our expectations.” - Rodney G. Hawkins, President of Washington Technology Group, Inc.

What are you waiting for? Get the wireless services you need for your enterprise business from a provider you can trust.

business wireless

Tom Collins
Post by Tom Collins
October 28, 2020
Tom is the Director of Enterprise Sales & Marketing for Atlantech Online. He has over 20 years of professional experience in the Internet Service Provider industry and is known for translating technology into positive results for business. A native of Washington, DC, a graduate from University of Maryland (degrees in Government & Politics and Secondary Education), Tom is also a five-time Ironman finisher.