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Atlantech Online Reviews: Feedback from Customers

Atlantech Online Reviews: Feedback from Customers

A company always claims that "we're the greatest". But, what are their customers saying about them? The best way to know how a company performs is to hear it straight from real, live customers. With so much focus on keeping our clients connected so that they can operate their business without interruption, it isn’t always possible to compile feedback. But we feel it's the most reliable and trustworthy barometer of how we’re performing as a company.

We pride ourselves on the level of support we provide our clients. Helping their bottom lines and making their lives easier are our goals. So we love when we can share the stories from real clients with our prospective customers. Testimonials are great (why wouldn’t we want to hear wonderful things about ourselves – things that we can publish, no less?), but they only reveal a small part of a given situation.

Atlantech Online Reviews From Real Customers

Let’s take a look at some of the back-stories that show in a bit more detail what exactly went down that left our clients so enthusiastic about Atlantech’s solutions and team.

Phone Line Service Around the Clock

Depending on what’s been done before we get to the scene, sometimes it’s more efficient to optimize a business phone solution by building on top of the existing infrastructure, and sometimes it’s actually easier and cheaper to rebuild it from scratch.

When Laurie Walsh, IT Systems Specialist for Montgomery County Public Schools, reached out to us in the late afternoon on a Friday during summer, asking to have a PRI installed and turned up the by end of the day, we knew it was something we could handle on the spot because she was already connected to our fiber network.

We were pleased to be able to activate her service right away, even though it turned out that the MCPS IT team was already gone for the weekend, and she needed to add phone numbers that we assigned to the school in her company’s PBX phone system. In the end, we provided the numbers, she was able to send us the relevant IP addresses, and we got her set up with everything she needed.

Come Monday, our field service technician went there to talk to their tech team, and everything was up and running before noon. It’s times like that summer Friday afternoon that I feel privileged to work with the members of our provisioning team and our field service techs – they do all the heavy lifting, so when I receive a letter of testimonial, I know the credit really goes to them.

Tom, It was so nice working with you to get the Montgomery County Public Schools updated and into the 21st century,” Walsh later wrote to me. “Your team is proactive, quick to troubleshoot and very accommodating with working around school schedules and holidays. There is always someone at the company to talk with. You’ve been so easy to do business with.”

Dedication to Delivering Bandwidth

These days, reliable bandwidth is no longer an amenity – it’s a prerequisite for being able to work. With so much reliance on external services and cloud-based environments, if you can’t send and receive data rapidly and in high volume, everything grinds to a halt.

When they called us, Hendricks Investments Holdings was stuck. They were working with 100 Mbps via an Ethernet connection, and this simply wasn’t enough bandwidth for their needs. The company was facing a hard deadline, and they were tasked with uploading several gigabytes of data to Amazon’s video streaming platform.

Because they’re located in a building that was already wired to Atlantech’s fiber-optic network, we were able to handle their request rapidly. Within a couple of hours, we had doubled their capacity.

They met their deadline successfully and were so pleased with the upgrade experience that they extended their Atlantech contract to a 36-month service agreement. “Both the sales and service teams were extremely helpful during the transition,” recalls Don Chait, HIH’s Vice President of Information Technology. “Atlantech Online responded immediately, and we had the increased speed within 24 hours.”

Ramping up on Data Center Services

As businesses and individuals, we often dread moving our home bases. Logistical pitfalls are numerous and grueling, but thankfully, it is possible to make at least some aspects of relocation smooth.

Toole Design was undergoing an office renovation and expansion, as befits a growing company, when it suddenly became apparent, despite all the planning efforts to the contrary, that the office server room was going to have to be relocated to a better, more controlled venue. We had some space at the Atlantech data center that we were able to offer Toole Design right away, and within a couple of days, they were all set up and firing on all cylinders – all 80 team members, located in remote places around the country.

“During a tricky office expansion, Atlantech provided us with colocation space for our servers and a point-to-point connection, all within a tight construction turnaround,” said Toole’s Director of Information Technology, Benjamin Sigrist. “The service has been rock solid with superior support.”

That was just the beginning of a fruitful relationship, though. “The Atlantech Online team has been a trusted partner as we have grown over the years,” Sigrist says. “We started with a small wiring contract and Ethernet service and have become so confident in Atlantech that now we have partnered with them for SIP trunking, more bandwidth, a Shoretel phone system, and MPLS connectivity. The service has been rock solid with superior support.”

Satisfaction for the Win

At Atlantech, we’re committed to providing excellent service and solutions. This reputation is what puts our clients at ease when they turn to us, and once they experience it first-hand, they often stick with us for the long haul. If you’d like to speak with one of our specialists about what we can offer your company, please feel free to reach out – we’d be thrilled to hear from you.

Tom Collins
Post by Tom Collins
December 8, 2015
Tom is the Director of Enterprise Sales & Marketing for Atlantech Online. He has over 20 years of professional experience in the Internet Service Provider industry and is known for translating technology into positive results for business. A native of Washington, DC, a graduate from University of Maryland (degrees in Government & Politics and Secondary Education), Tom is also a five-time Ironman finisher.