11 Ways Cloud Communications Create a Competitive Edge

Tom Collins
Post by Tom Collins
October 13, 2016
11 Ways Cloud Communications Create a Competitive Edge

A cloud-based communications infrastructure yields rewards beyond the cost savings benefits of a VoIP PBX. A unified communications (UC) plan, delivered from the cloud, provides a robust and comprehensive suite of advanced features that empower every department and aspect of the business.

From HR to IT, unified communications offers benefits in the following four broad categories:

  • Financial
  • Collaborative
  • Communicative
  • Business Continuity


Cloud communications provide the tools that allow for core competencies to shine, acting as a backbone by supporting and enhancing outcomes. How? A competitive advantage is developed by engaging the existing tools and features of the cloud communications structure.

How to Engage Cloud Communications for a Competitive Edge


Work the Scale

Imagine being able to support one location or thousands, providing the same suite of functionality throughout the world. Cloud communications offer the ability to scale up and down. Pay for usage, with no barriers to growth.


Access to CRM, data, and collaboration tools are available at the touch of a button, independent of location. UC opens the door to easy collaboration between staff, partners, and clients across the hall, in the next town, or across the globe.

Tracking & Reporting

In many ways, a robust cloud communications platform becomes the de facto backbone of the company, uniting marketing, sales, IT, and HR. Data gathered through VoIP can assist with lead scoring, training, and success metrics while also providing real-time intelligence on staff and usage. Furthermore, those rich communications capabilities can be extended to remote users without jeopardizing the security of sensitive corporate information.

Improve Time to Market

Wondering how to improve time to market metrics? An agile organization powered with a fast, direct connection to the cloud has an upper hand compared to competitors working on legacy infrastructure. Cloud Connect, by Atlantech, provides enterprises a private, direct connection to the major cloud services providers and is a solution for groups requiring instant and continuous access to their network and database.

Never Turn the Lights Off

To operate in a global marketplace, operations must run efficiently around the clock. By operating in the cloud, the infrastructure is able to run at full capacity, 24/7.

In the case of local outages or large scale disaster, cloud operations and wireless backup offer instantaneous recovery.

Call Center Excellence

Delight potential customers and optimize user experience with advanced call center functionality. Available in cloud-based business communications, it enables receptionists to customize control functionality, routing, and customer announcements in a single intuitive interface.

Integration with market-leading business productivity applications creates synergy between sales, call centers, and customers.


A cloud-enabled workforce is a giant advantage. The modern workforce has changed and an advanced communications plan, securely cloud-based, is infinitely better suited to accommodate it.

Offering more flexibility combined with functionality that appeals to an "app" driven workforce will improve recruitment and attract valuable candidates. Empower staff to develop work/life balance without a reduction in productivity while maintaining business travel, child/elder care needs, and personal time.

Offload to Experts

A move to the cloud is a move to the experts. Save time, money, and resources. Choose a cloud services vendor with a track record of success to gain the following:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Reduced avoidable "mishaps with the system"
  • Unmatched security
  • Incomparable customer service


Video Conferencing and Advanced Communications

There are two advantages to offering a better suite of conferencing capabilities.

  1. Better reliability increases trust and reputation. There is nothing worse than a choppy conference call.
  2. Reduced cost. We know face-to-face interaction builds relationships, however, impressive video conferencing tools makes person-to-person communication viable without the costs associated with travel.


An agile corporation can make major structural and strategic moves quickly. And even more compelling is the fact that these moves are inexpensive due to reduced hardware and a top of the line cloud-based connection.

Unified Communications as a Brand Builder

Drive customer engagement. Amazing customer experiences start and end with the ability to communicate. Real-time service monitoring, reduced downtime, responsive websites with online chat and speedy operations all rely on a cloud-based plan that always performs.

Taking UC to the next level

The strategies above are just the tip of the iceberg. Want additional tactics for elevating cloud communications?

We can help. 

Customers in the Mid-Atlantic rely on Atlantech to take their unified communications to the next level. Contact us for a comprehensive consultation and analysis of your current system and needs. 

Tom Collins
Post by Tom Collins
October 13, 2016
Tom is the Director of Enterprise Sales & Marketing for Atlantech Online. He has over 20 years of professional experience in the Internet Service Provider industry and is known for translating technology into positive results for business. A native of Washington, DC, a graduate from University of Maryland (degrees in Government & Politics and Secondary Education), Tom is also a five-time Ironman finisher.