GSA Schedule

GSA Schedule: GS-35-F-0652M

GSA Schedule: GS-35-F-0652M
Effective through July 24, 2022
Special Item Numbers (SIN): 132-51, 132-52


Atlantech Online is committed to providing Internet solutions to the federal government, system integrators, state and local municipal groups and any other organization authorized to purchase via a GSA Schedule. The GSA has determined that Atlantech's prices are fair and reasonable, and therefore, ordering agencies need not seek further competition or make a separate determination of fair and reasonable pricing.

Past Performance 

A "small business" vendor, Atlantech has provided Internet services such as Internet connectivity, colocation and value- added web hosting services to various government agencies including:

Department of Commerce 
National Institute of Health 
Executive Office of the President 
Veterans Administration Palo Alto

Atlantech Online, Inc. provides a full range of Information Technology Services under its GSA Schedule 70 Information Technology contract. The following products and services are currently available on Schedule.

SIN: 132-51 Information Technology Professional Services
Products Include Technical Support

SIN: 132-52 Electronic Commerce Services
Products Include:

  • Colocation Services
  • Email Services
  • Internet Connectivity Services
  • Managed Web Hosting Services
  • Secure Data Center Facility Services

Please view our complete GSA schedule in PDF format.

If the product or service you are looking for is not listed above and is Internet related, please contact Atlantech for further information.

GSA Schedule Contact Information 
For more information on Atlantech's GSA Schedule, the products or services available on Schedule or assistance in ordering, please contact:

Tom Collins
Director of Sales & Marketing
1-800-256-1612 ext. 232