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Premium Fiber Internet to Power Productivity

Atlantech Online delivers fast, reliable business connectivity over fiber that keeps your business running in today’s fast-paced, cloud-based world.


Business internet from a big name telecom company may seem like a great idea.
But they don’t always deliver.

Their Highly Advertised Internet Service Doesn’t Always Work.

Can you afford for ALL of your business-critical apps & platforms to go down in the middle of the day?

You Don’t Get the Advertised Speed You Paid For.

Why pay for "high-speed" business internet when you rarely (if ever) get it?

You’re just one of THOUSANDS of customers sharing a network.

Everyone's been promised 1,000 Mbps...but their network can't handle the sheer number of users.

Your upload and download speeds won’t be symmetrical.

They're selling business internet solutions that align with decades-old standards.

They prioritize shareholder value instead of customer support.

Lack of expertise, no accountability, and billing issues are all hallmarks of their outsourced and understaffed customer support.

You and your aggregated data are sold to marketing companies.

They have shareholders to answer to, which means any chance at profit is worth the risk.

Your Employees Need a Fast, Reliable, Low-Latency Connection to do Business.

Is your current service up to the challenge?

Businesses today need:

  • Speed: Minimum 100 Mbps upload AND download
  • Latency: No higher than 20ms
  • Jitter: Less than 10ms

It’s critical to hit these performance benchmarks to avoid choppy video calls, long download times and other issues that slow you down.


Having fast, reliable internet is essential to efficient operations and great employee experiences.

Reliability as an essential. Service as a hallmark. Customization as an imperative.
Built for performance

Built for performance 99.99% uptime, 100 Mbps - 100 Gbps symmetrical upload and download speeds… you get fiber internet that’s fast, stable, and always there.

Fiber focused on quality, not size

We built our redundant fiber ring network for speed and reliability to limit downtime and keep your business running.

Local support empowered to make things right

No outsourced teams or feeling like a number if you have a question or issue. Our local team is all over it.

Single or multi-site connectivity

Get secure, high-speed internet connectivity optimized for one business location or the complexities of multiple office locations.

Customized fiber internet solutions

Your business is unique. You need business fiber internet tailored to your needs instead of a cookie-cutter solution from Big Telecom.

Great product. Excellent customer service. Fast turnaround for requests.

I have been using Atlantech Online’s colo and Internet connectivity services for three years now and have not experienced any issues. I would highly recommend their product offerings.
Art Schertzer, IT Infrastructure Director @ Radio One

How Atlantech Online’s Locally Owned & Operated Fiber Stacks Up
Against Big Names in Telecom

Atlantech Online

Comcast Business

Verizon FIOS

Base package download speed

Provider's base package download speed

1000 Mbps (1 Gbps)

1.25 Gbps

940 Mbps

Symmetrical upload & download speeds


Customized fiber internet packages

Direct connection to major cloud providers (AWS, MS Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Softlayer, Oracle)

Support team staffed with solutions experts

Providing Fiber to Local Businesses and Government

Can you really get higher level of service, convenience, and a seamless experience from a local telecom provider? Yes, you can.

graphic (1)
Group 5

Atlantech Online CloudConnect: A Direct Connection to Major Cloud Providers

Connect directly with large cloud providers to realize lower networking costs, increased performance, and a consistent and secure networking experience.

  • Bypass the public internet
  • Direct connection for business-critical services
  • End-to-end fiber networking
  • Bandwidth options ranging from 100 Mbps to 100 Gbps
  • Connect with all AWS services, as well as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Softlayer, Oracle and others.

Support that won’t let you down when you need it the most

How we support customers

  • Immediate connection, ASAP resolution

  • We contact you with updates

  • All in on finding a fix, even if it's not our issue

  • No blame game, just action to solve your issue

  • Talk to knowledgeable telecom experts

The typical Big Telecom customer experience

  • Long wait times

  • No callbacks, have to follow up yourself

  • Trying to prove how THEY are right

  • Play the “blame game” 

  • Talking to call center staff following scripts 


Every minute of downtime can cost up to $5,600.

We’d rather put more expense on ourselves than have a customer suffer one outage or go hours without internet service.

That’s why we built our fiber infrastructure to be resistant to outages, and why we prioritize ASAP-service when you do have an issue.

Atlantech consistently delivers.

For over a decade, we have put our full faith and trust to ensure our internet and phones are working with virtually no downtime.

Neal Kursban-2
Neal Kursban, CEO @ Family Nursing Care

The essential tips & answers to help you choose the best business fiber provider.

  • What factors influence cost?
  • Do you need permits?
  • Is there an existing fiber conduit available?
  • How much available space does your telco closet have?

    And more questions and considerations you'll find valuable when researching a fiber internet provider for you business.
Business Fiber Buyer’s Guide

Upgrade your business fiber with an internet provider you can trust

Instant Physical Location Check
We check to see if you’re in a building we’ve already lit or within our service area to run fiber to your business.
Bandwidth Assessment
Next, we’ll schedule a 30-minute call to understand your bandwidth needs.
Seamless Service Switch
Once the quote is agreed to, we get to work. We can have you transitioned to your new fiber internet in 30-45 days.

Never lose another minute of sleep over downtime again.

Upgrade your business fiber and get the reliable internet you deserve.

  • Fast and stable: 100 Mbps - 100 Gbps symmetrical upload and download speeds.
  • Always there: 99.99% uptime - redundant fiber ring network to maximize your uptime.
  • Friendly, local support: Ready to help solve any problem, whether it’s on our end or not.