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Protecting Business Assets from DDoS Attacks

Despite the best efforts of businesses and IT vendors around the world, DDoS attacks are getting larger and more prevalent every year.

And as technologies like 5G and IoT connect more and more devices, the threat only continues to grow.

In Q4 2021, ransom-focused DDoS attacks increased by 29 percent over Q4 2020. 

So, here's the million-dollar question: what is your company doing right now to proactively prevent DDoS attacks?

In this free webinar, we share details of how DDoS attacks are increasing in frequency, why traditional means of defeating such attacks are being subverted and best-in-breed practices you should be following to mitigate risk to you and your organization. Mike Powell, Senior Security Services Engineer of Corero, is our guest providing insight into today's challenges and solutions. 

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