Email Service

Atlantech Email Service

Please find the settings when using Atlantech Online for email below. These will work for most popular mail programs

Domain Name
Incoming Mail Server or mail.<your_domain>
Outgoing Mail Server or mail.<your_domain>
Primary MX Server
Secondary MX Server
Primary Domain Name Server
Secondary Domain Name Server



Email is an essential application for organizations. Atlantech Online has a full array of email services to meet all of your email needs. We offer powerful SPAM tagging and anti-virus protection to dramatically reduce the number of unwanted emails, MailPacks to manage your own email accounts, Webmail to check your messages on the go, and email gateway services to serve as a protective barrier for your in-house email server.


Atlantech Online's email gateway service provides commercial-strength scanning of email for viruses and identification of unsolicited commercial email (UCE), otherwise known as Spam. This service is intended for organizations that operate and maintain their own mail server(s), but do not have a practical virus and SPAM control solution. Atlantech Online's email gateway service is a very cost effective way to combat these nuisances, with minimal efforts needed from the customer. Customers typically experience a 99% reduction in unwanted email thus dramatically reducing the load on the in-house mail server(s).