Microsoft Announces Free 6 Month Licenses for Teams

Tom Collins
Post by Tom Collins
March 6, 2020
Microsoft Announces Free 6 Month Licenses for Teams


Are your employees working remotely? Want to keep costs down? Use Atlantech Online’s UCaaS service and you can get free conference calling that includes video capability, screen sharing and even sending files using our Hosted PBX Service delivered over the Cisco Broadsoft platform. When paired with Microsoft’s free 6 month subscription to Teams (, you’ve got a potent and low cost productivity tool for your remote employees.

We are on the front lines of providing telecom services for business and government and we’ve seen a dramatic trend for more and more employees to work remotely. We even see this trend with our government and education clients. There are many different factors for “working in place” as opposed to “coming into the office”. Some reasons are in the national news headlines but others are more societal such as traffic, new family arrangements (single parent households), “gig” or temporary roles at some companies and more liberalized management styles by modern companies. An underlying reason is because technology has reached a point where it’s POSSIBLE to work in place. And that is where Atlantech Online UCaaS comes in. Our Hosted PBX service that unifies business communications enables our customers to stay connected and productive, no matter where they are working from. Based on the Cisco Broadsoft platform, when integrated with office productivity tools such as Microsoft Office 365 and Teams or Google G Suite and Hangouts, the Atlantech Online UCaaS service delivers tremendous value that helps top line revenue and bottom line profits.

At the center of the Atlantech Online UCaaS service is UC-One, a desktop application or mobile device application that acts as the softphone, and more, for the Hosted PBX service. All of today’s major UCaaS platforms offer mobility. However, professional users of the Cisco BroadSoft UCaaS app, UC-One can tell you that it is definitely not a secret why over 40 percent of the world’s UCaaS users choose the Cisco BroadSoft platform. It has all the capabilities today’s professionals need to communicate seamlessly. Because Cisco owns the WebEx platform, it has been able to blend the user interface into UC-One so that most users are already familiar with the look and feel of the software, be the desktop or the mobile version.

Here are some use cases we’ve seen amongst customers for leveraging our UCaaS system for office and remote workers.

Business Telephony Features and Functionality

A law firm has a complex set of communications activities handled by a receptionist. They have legacy Polycom conference phones and a camera/voice device at the front door of the office from which the receptionist can interact with visitors.

With the Atlantech Online UCaaS system, the receptionist can…

  • Interact with visitors at the front door through voice and video
  • See the status of dozens of attorneys and transfer calls quickly and easily, using the Remote Console feature.

Corporate Control Over Mobile Phones

A graphic design firm employs outside sales representatives and remote graphic designers to ensure they have top talent while keeping office overhead low.

With the Atlantech Online UCaaS system and the UC-One mobile app, the firm can…

  • Track remote calls for the organization through Call Detail Records
  • Record all or just some calls through a centralized call recording system.
  • Block received or called numbers on mobile phones, just like desk phones.
  • Convenience of Desk Phone Features on Mobile Devices

A property management company has some unique communications challenges. With property managers constantly on the go meeting the needs of tenants and vendors, they need to be able to communicate as if they were together in an office.

With our UCaaS system, property managers can…

  • Put callers on hold or transfer them to a leasing agent if the caller has questions about terms.
  • Conference in maintenance personnel if a tenant needs to discuss a problem with heating or cooling equipment in the space.
  • Utilize full desk phone functionality with managers moving around the property, keeping them productive and improving the bottom line.
  • Integrated Call Center, Conferencing, and Messaging Functionality

A local community college has a call center for admissions. Over two dozen agents accept applications and interact with prospective students, with most of the busy work coming towards the end of summer and over the winter break.

With our UCaaS system, the admissions team can…

  • Easily scale the call center to meet peak season demands
  • Maintain the same interface with agents handling varying types of communications between current students, parents, and new applicants
  • Enable remote conferencing and messaging through UC-One
  • Built-In Video Telephony and Video Business Services

A public affairs firm has busy executives in a number of cities who need to share information and news in real-time.

With our UCaaS system, the firm can…

  • Conduct video teleconferences in high fidelity, ensuring a more vibrant and productive call that reproduces the feel of being in the office together. The firm can use multimedia integration with enterprise applications like CRM, ERP, and Vertical Apps
  • Easily schedule meetings using Outlook calendar
  • Access shared files in Google Drive, OneDrive or even Box

Complementing Atlantech Online UCaaS service with Microsoft Teams, now that it’s on a 6 month free offer, is a great way to set up your remote workers for success. It also leverages your Microsoft Office 365 with a fully featured, enterprise-grade phone system that easily handle any calling features or functionality that your organization needs.

Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365


Tom Collins
Post by Tom Collins
March 6, 2020
Tom is the Director of Enterprise Sales & Marketing for Atlantech Online. He has over 20 years of professional experience in the Internet Service Provider industry and is known for translating technology into positive results for business. A native of Washington, DC, a graduate from University of Maryland (degrees in Government & Politics and Secondary Education), Tom is also a five-time Ironman finisher.