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Phone Systems

Atlantech Online is an authorized reseller of ShoreTel Telephone systems. ShoreTel is the fastest growing IP PBX company worldwide and the industry leader in customer satisfaction. ShoreTel's unique architectural approach to IP telephony delivers unmatched reliability, scalability and manageability, plus a user interface that sets the standard for ease-of-use. The phone system consists of easy to configure switches, elegantly attractive telephones and software that enables you to interact with your phone and phone system. To learn more about ShoreTel telephone systems, please read below or click here.


The ShoreTel system is a completely integrated IP phone system that scales seamlessly from 1 to 10,000 users including PBX, voice mail, and automated attendant functions.

The ShoreTel system is built from the ground up to be the easiest to use, easiest to manage, full-featured IP PBX system on the market today. Its distributed architecture is ideal for multi-site companies that span multiple locations because their phone system appears and behaves as one, unified system. Click here to view how ShoreTel fits into a fully distributed IP communication network.


ShoreTel offers a wide range of telephones to provide the right solution for each application - be it an executive, executive assistant, operator, ACD agent or supervisor, or general office user. ShoreTel phones provide end users the features and quality they demand. And ShorePhones are pre-configured to match the ShoreTel system to eliminate configuration issues during installation.


The award-winning ShoreTel family of desktop applications brings the power of IP telephony to the individual's desktop - while setting a new standard for enterprise productivity.

Building on the voice and data convergence supplied by your ShoreTel IP network, ShoreTel desktop applications lower the barrier imposed by traditional telephony solutions while giving your workers the tools they need to be successful.

Using the Shoreware Director, you can easily interface with the phone system, adding users, modifying users and doing other daily tasks via a browser interface from any computer connected to the Internet.

A PBX On Your Desktop

ShoreWare Personal and Advanced Call Manager gives enterprise users the equivalent of a desktop PBX-a powerful, all-purpose tool for managing voice communications. With ShoreTel Personal Call Manager, workers can quickly browse contacts and make calls from local directories or from Microsoft Outlook.

Manage Call Manager from Anywhere

ShoreTel Web Access is a browser-based interface by which users can manage personal options and settings from any web browser from anywhere in the world. Call handling details and notification settings can be managed securely and easily from anywhere.

Increased Productivity

With ShoreTel desktop applications, knowledge workers spend less time navigating complex telephone systems - and more time performing critical tasks. The technology stays in the background, not in the user's face.

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