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Network Relocation Services

Relocating a business is always a turbulent experience. New business cards and stationary needs to be printed. You need to pack up the office, get furniture and equipment hauled all while continuing to serve existing customers... and more importantly, create new ones. Often overlooked is the hassle and confusion of moving your telecommunications network to the new location.

No need to worry... we've got you covered... use Atlantech Online's Network Relocation Management system for forklifting your network and moving it to your new site. Whether it be LAN cabling, phone service, Internet connectivity or even a phone system, Atlantech Online can handle the network move for you.

Atlantech Online can be your one-stop shop for ensuring the success of the relocation of your office voice and data network. From cabling your office for voice and data, to making sure that phone lines and the Internet are available the day you move in and providing your voice and data service, Atlantech can do it all.

Here are some of our relocation related services:

Local Area Networks
Assess current cabling infrastructure
Interview relevant IT staff regarding future requirements
Propose a cabling architectural plan
Provide detailed quote for LAN cabling services
Wide Area Network
Assess current Internet and data network architecture
Determine the Internet related applications currently used and planned that affect bandwidth requirements
Determine WAN equipment to be used in the new location
Interview relevant IT staff regarding future requirements
Develop a WAN architectural plan
Define and develop cabling plan to support the WAN infrastructure
Provide quote for WAN telecommunications services
Voice Systems
Assess current phone service and phone equipment
Conduct interviews to determine future plans
Develop a voice network plan and specifications
Provide Voice System quote

As a licensed telephone company, Atlantech Online provides a complete solution for the relocation of your network. And our service does not end when you move into your office. We are available 24 hours every day to ensure that your dial tone, data network and Internet connectivity are meeting your needs.

If you don't see what you need or have a general question, send us an email.