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Hosting Solutions

Atlantech Online offers several hosting alternatives, one of which will provide a comprehensive, cost effective, solution to your need for a presence on the Internet. Using high quality servers, a top-of-the-line Data Center and redundant Internet connections, Atlantech Online delivers your web content to your clients as fast as their Internet connection will allow. Currently offered alternatives include:

Virtual Hosting
Through our bank of high-end servers, Atlantech provides Web server hosting services so that your company does not have to purchase and maintain your own Web server and connection to the Internet.

Dedicated Hosting
Virtual Private Servers — A virtual private server(VPS) operates in a secure, virtual environment and share resources with other VPSs residing on the same physical server. A VPS provides all the benefits of a traditional dedicated server at a much lower cost. It bridges the gap between virtual hosting and dedicated servers. Atlantech offers full hardware virtualization solution that provides superior flexibility and control when compared with the more commonly used kernel virtualization methods offered by our competitors.

Dedicated Physical Servers — Atlantech offers dedicated Physical server solutions that are customized to your organization's hosting needs. Utilizing proven server technologies from Hewlett Packard and supporting a broad range of operating systems and applications, Atlantech has the experience and know-how to translates your needs into sensible and cost-effective solutions.

Managed Hosting
One of the biggest expenses companies face when going online is the cost to support their systems. Atlantech has developed its Managed Hosting program to offer you the ability to have a top of the line system, without staffing an in-house top of the line IT staff. Everything from simple OS management to full blown server and database management programs are available.

Colocation Services
When you've taken the time to build your system, to make the OS hum, and to work out all the bugs, the last thing you want to do is have someone else in control. With our colocation services you retain complete control for every aspect of your system. We provide you with space in our fully redundant datacenter and let you run your business and your Internet presence the way you want to.