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Check Ethernet availability for your building.

If your building is not listed, please click here to complete an Ethernet Services Connectivity Request Form. (Please select Ethernet for "service you are looking for")

From 5 Mbps to 10 Gbps, Atlantech Online provides on-net and off-net Ethernet services around the region. Our on-net service is called BWIS or Building Wide Internet Service. BWIS buildings are usually directly connected to our IP backbone using fiber physically installed at those locations. Off-net services are used to attach customers who are not in a BWIS building to our IP network by using bundled copper circuits installed by the telco. This service is called EoC or Ethernet over Copper.

Whether you are in an on-net or off-net site, our connections can be used for Internet connectivity and for business phone services that are delivered via a Class 5 voice switch in our Internet Data Center. For more detail about our BWIS services, click here.

Service Details

  • Ethernet Interface Options- 10 Gbps, 1 Gbps and Fast Ethernet
  • Committed Bandwidth - various rates from 5 Mbps to 10 Gbps
  • Fixed/Flat Rate - Fixed monthly charge per port regardless of utilization
  • Direct access to our High Speed IP service via a cross connect


Scaling to Support Your Growth

With access to up to 10 GigE at our edge servers, you can take advantage of unparalleled scalability, with lower costs and simpler management than comparable bandwidth options.

Extensive Connectivity

Atlantech Online´s multiple peering relationships provides the fastest route to the most important Internet destinations.

Outstanding Performance

With best-in-class, on-net latency, availability, and packet delivery, you can count on our network to deliver a superior Internet experience to every possible destination worldwide.

Remarkable Reliability

Atlantech´s on-net BWIS offering takes advantage of fiber that is usually connected directly to two other Atlantech locations. This dual path strategy increases up-time reliability dramatically. Further, the fiber that Atlantech uses does not have any electronics between Atlantech locations thus further reducing the chance of an outage.

Atlantech´s off-net Ethernet offerings use multiple copper pairs to deliver your high bandwidth Internet service. If one or more of these copper pairs break, as long as one pair is still working, you will have some Internet connectivity working while we repair the broken pairs. Unlike other technologies that run on an all-or-nothing technology, Ethernet over copper gives you higher reliability by using whatever is still available.